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NCSD's 100th Anniversary Reunion or Our Class' 24th Anniversary Reunion

This picture was taken during the
NCSD's 100th Anniversary Celebrations
in 1994 on the Homecoming Queens' Float.

The above two pictures are from Lee and Mary Beth Ethridge with Sandra and the other
unknown former Homecoming Queens during the Homecoming Queen procession.

Homecoming Game's Halftime Show can be seen here

This photograph, the first on this day's series, was taken in the morning of October 9 in
the lobby of Underhill Gym. Mary Beth, second from left was handling the refreshments
and making sure everyone left their addresses for sharing with the other attending
Classmates. (Remember, the internet wasn't widespread yet). Kathy E. is jotting down
her info and Joyce Sigmon is in front, talking with Mary Beth. Barbara Morton's hubby is
behind her and Barbara is chatting with who might be Brenda Davis.
You can click on the picture for a slightly larger image.
This picture, "rediscovered" in 2007, is provided by Lee and Mary Beth Ethridge.


            Thanks to Sandra Dixon Barbour for sending these 2 pictures below to share with us.

 Group picture, front row, L-R: Donnie Crump, Brenda Davis Proctor, Berry
Hamrick, Gary Hunnings, Cathy Cooper Church, and Jimmy Gibbs. Back row,
  L-R:  Sherry Wilson Midgette, Kathy Eubanks Preston, Sandra Dixon Barbour,
  Elaine Wilkie, Gary's wife, Alana, Lester Latkowski, Joyce Sigmon, unknown,

                             Ann Potter, Donnie McLamb, and Lee McDaniel. 10/17/04 Thanks to Debbie
                             Branch, (Ray's wife) for identifying the unknown (Alana) in this picture.

                             Left to right: Jimmy Gibbs, Butch Midgette ('67) and Sherry
                             Wilson Midgette, Brenda Davis Proctor, Elaine Wilkie, Barbara
                             Morton Holder ('69), Mary Beth Ethridge, Sandra Dixon
                             Barbour, Lester Latkowski, Berry Hamrick and unknown.

                       Thanks to an anonymous visitor for identifying Barbara (02/27/06).

This picture, also "rediscovered" in 2007, is provided by Lee and Mary Beth Ethridge and
is a group picture with the members of the NCSD Classes of 1969, 1970, and 1971.


  These two pictures were recently discovered by Mary Beth in
   2006 and she sent them for posting here. The picture on the
   left looks like the Class of 1969 was also involved in the
   meeting. If you would like to see the larger versions of these
                             pictures, click here.

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