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                                       10 Years Online

2001 - 2011= Ten Years of Online Presence
NCSD Class of 1970
Just a small sample of pictures from the Class of 1970.

Pictures from the Mosaic, page 101 of the Yearbook

Yep, 400 pages...and still going strong!!

We've come a long way in ten years from a miniscule 20 megabyte freebie web hosting
service limited to about 250 pictures to today's 226 megabyte 5500+ picture Class website.


Randy, Beach Boy That Webby Guy First Honorary Classmate Newest Honorary Classmate
Randy Caines
President 2000-2009
Elected in the first year of the millennium, his leadership guided the Class with several Mini-Reunions at his house in Wilmington. He also led several Class excursions throughout his  leadership. Sadly, the most memorable was the Class' trip to see Frances Yeargan exemplified by her untimely death exactly one week after our visit. In 2008, Randy initiated the NCSD 1968 Football Champions 40th Anniversary Banquet which also provided the rare opportunity to have 14 members of the Class together. The Class thanks him for keeping the school spirit alive!




Lester Latkowski
President 2009-current Day, Vice Prez 2000-2009 & Class Webmaster for All Time. Several times  over the years attempts were made to start a Class newsletter and some never got to the second issue. So when I was elected VP, I decided to take on that  responsibility. Without repeating here what's already mentioned in the About & Why pages, it was easier to post pictures in the  electronic format than it was to print on paper.  Three issues of The Class of 1970's newsletter grew from a small but free 6  page website to a 400 page Class website that is also being used as part of a class project in a public school! As Class President, I'm going to continue planning for our Class Reunions, large and small, and hope ya'll come and come again.



MamaPat Latkowski
Inducted as Honorary
Member by Prez.
Caines at NCSD HC
2000 for her donation
to the Sunshine Fund.
MP, as she is also known, has contributed to the Class in many ways. She did tons of assistance in the development of this website. She was responsible for scanning the Yearbook and every 35mm film slide that Gary Hunnings let us post on the site. She originally was assigned to make enhancements to photos before publishing but her workload in this department has lightened since she "trained" me to make the photo enhancements. Her proudest work was the decorating the tables for our 2005 & 2010 Reunions and designing the nostalgia tables. One time she indicated to me that the Classmates makes her feel young again.


Beth Fitts
Inducted as Honorary
Member by Prez.
I met Beth at a Deaf-Blind pancake fundraiser in December of 2010 and this was when we discovered that we were both writers for The Bugler. During our conversation, I found that she was mainstreamed in public schools and that she graduated the same year we did. During the interview for the magazine, she mentioned she met Classmate Louise and had a video chat with my brother David. Small world, right?  After completing the interview, I asked if she goes to any of her class's Reunions. Surprisingly, she said no, so to make life more interesting, I asked if she wanted to join us in our next Class Reunion in 2013. She just about jumped for joy and this was when I said she was now an honorary member of the Class of 1970. You can find my The Bugler article here in pdf.

Let us not forget...


And I would like to mention Louise, dedicated to the Class as Treasurer, or
better yet, as Guardian for our Sunshine Fund. For the last decade and
year, we had several Treasurers, Richard Glover, Mary Beth and
Joyce Sigmon...because of the distances of the 'homes' of these
Classmates, Louise accepted the responsibility for attending to the
funds. And I applaud her for taking on this responsibility...
beyond my expectations.

And last but never, ever the least, the NCSD Classmates of 1970.

Click here to continue our Ten Year Celebration
with a revisit to page 101 of our Yearbook.

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