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                       Buildings Then and Now
                                                           Hoffmeyer Hall

                                                                                                          Page 1

The Beginning of the End of our School Years (well, for the boys, anyway).
Opened for the 1959-1960 school year, Hoffmeyer Hall opened just in time for the increasing
student population over the following two decades. The boys were in groups according to
their ages with the youngest on the top (third) floor and the oldest on the first floor.
When I joined NCSD in 1965, as an 8th grader, I was placed in 'D' Group whereas
my Classmates were mostly in 'B' Group directly below. My room mates were in
the 5th and 6th grades so actually I was "out of place" compared to my
Classmates, which is why my Classmates "lovingly" named me
The Baby of the Class of 1970.

Panoramic shot taken Sunday after HC, October 2, 2005

Back of Hoffmeyer Hall, as seen from Crutchfield Hall and Upper School.
March 9, 2007. Notice the addition of the handicap ramp compared to
the picture below.

This picture was taken circa '73-'74 and is courtesy of Herman Shimpock, Jr., Class of 1974.

D Group mentioned earlier was located on the top floor and B Group on the second floor
at this side of the building or the Upper School side which is located to the left of this
picture taken on Sunday after HC, October 3, 2004.

This is the cafeteria portion of the building as seen as if you were walking from
Underhill Gym, better known as New Gym.

This is the view most commonly seen after the Homecoming games. This end of
the building (the section where you see the 4 long columns) housed the E Group
on the top floor, C group on the 2nd floor and A group which encompassed all
of the first floor.

Panoramic from under the old oak tree.
The above three pictures were also taken on Sunday after HC, October 3, 2004.

This picture was taken on March 9, 2007.


These two groups of pictures below were taken at the same spot.
The one on the left is from the Extracurricular Activities page and the panoramic
was taken on the Sunday after HC, October 3, 2004.

The picture on the left was taken in January 1966, originally posted in the Debris page, and brought
here to it's "new home". The picture on the right was taken on March 9, 2007 showing the renovation
 site at Upper School.

This October 3, 2004 picture shows the view opposite the 2 group of pictures above.

These two pictures were taken almost at the same spot, the picture on the left was taken circa
February 1966 and the picture on the right on March 8, 2007.

The blue sign above the awning in the picture on the right says "Hoffmeyer Hall".

On one of my visits to the site, (June 7, 2006) Bill Simpson mentioned that as a teacher in the
late 1950's, he witnessed daily the construction of this building from the ground up. He also
stated that "Hoffmeyer Hall was a very tough building". He may be right, the building
has gone through several interior additions over the years and during this same
visit, Hoffmeyer Hall was in the process of being re-roofed for the first time
since being built almost 50 years ago.

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