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                      Buildings Then and Now
                                                              Main Building


There are thousands of pictures of Main Building that has been taken over the years although we
would love to but we will not attempt to post each one. Only because this website has a Buildings
Then and Now section, we felt it was only appropriate to post some favorites and rare pictures of
this majestical building.


The above two pictures were taken
at 55 feet up in the air during one of
my work trips using my bucket truck
on October 6, 2004, 6:30pm.

The Auditorium is the only part of Main Building that has
not been renovated since we graduated.
Did you know that the original auditorium was located above the current location?
According to the pictures that used to be in the main lobby and as explained by Jimmy Autrey, the
middle wing of Main Building was originally 3 floors high; a basement with dirt floors on the lower
level, the original Kitchen and Dinning Room was located on the 2nd level and then the Auditorium on
the third level.

The framing of the 3rd Auditorium level became twisted or warped during the early years and was
deemed unsafe for use. The basement level was converted to the present day kitchen/dinning room
area and the second level was converted to the Auditorium. The third level was demolished and a flat
roof was installed on the top of the structure.

From front page of The North Carolinian
September-October 1969

May 03, 2005

May 03, 2005

Lazy hazy fall afternoon
October 7, 2004

I liked all three of the above panoramic pictures and had a very hard time deciding which one to
post here so it was easier to post all three.

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