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                       Buildings Then and Now
                                                                     Hoey Hall
                                                                                          aka Upper School
                                                                                                            Page 8

Renovations in Progress May 2007
Pictures of the Basement or Lower Level

This stairwell is believed to be the one located west of the main doors of Hoey Hall.

OK, folks, a true NCSD boy was an elite member of the NCSD Tunnel Club. In order to be
a member, you had to walk but mostly crawled from one end to the other in one of the
many hot tunnels under the campus.

This is the 'skeleton' view of the basement of Hoey Hall. Between where the photographer, Sion
Moss, is standing and going to the doorframe just pass the NCSD staffers, is what used to be
the library of Upper School.

The open window used to be the window of our History teacher, Mrs. Jane Taylor.

This is the same room but at a different angle. Ruth Jones is pointing at what used to be
the window of Mrs. Anne Starrett's classroom.

Again, same room different angle. Mr. Moss is standing in front of Mrs. Taylor's window. The
column you see behind Doug Pitts (wearing white hard hat) was part of the dividing wall
between Mrs. Taylor's and Mrs. Starrett's classrooms. Across the hallway, behind Ruth Jones,
used to be Mrs. Bigham's and later Mr. Olouse Tullos' science lab, where I made my infamous
smoke bomb at Lewis Suggs request. Because of that incident, the school later added an
exhaust fan on one of the windows in the science lab.

Upper School, as it was called during our years, had and still has three floors. The top floor
were for the early high school students starting at the 5th grade. The main floor or first floor
were shared with students in the 9th and 10th grades. Juniors and Seniors were mostly in the
basement or lower level which was also fondly called the dungeon. The main floor, in our Senior
year, also had the new Creative Writing class, located in the "open area" in front of the principle's
office. The school, in addition to typewriting class, had just started data processing, which
consisted of a couple of IBM data entry machines, a data card sorter, and perhaps a printer.

The Hoey Hall wing's top floor had an art class as well as a few other class rooms that I was not
involved with, maybe a sewing class. The main/first floor of the wing had Home Economics for
for the girls which consisted of courses of running a household as well as having a setup similar
to apartment/home living. Other classes were also included, Mr. Howard Duel's Algebra class
being one that I do remember.

The basement level of the Hoey Hall wing was a complete wood working workshop with all of
the implements available for woodworking. Mr. Wilson Sherrill, one of our C70 sponsors
was the teacher of this workshop.

* * * * * * * * * * *
Thanks to the following for helping us verify that the 5th grade was the earliest High School class
in Hoey Hall: Fred Ballew ('69), The Hamricks, Louise Isenhour, Lee McDaniel, Tommy Nance ('69),
and John Smith. Additional information was also provided which will be used elsewhere on this
website at a later date.

If anyone wants to contribute their Memories of Hoey Hall can do so . What we are looking
for is what teacher taught what classes and on what floor during the years of 1963 thru 1977.
Why 1963  thru 1977? We were in 5th grade in 1963 and the Class of 1977
were 5th graders in 1970.

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