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                                                          Randy's Page 1
Click Here to See Randy's Certificate of Appreciation from the Class

September 26, 2011
Webmaster's Note:
I was in the process of working on adding another yearbook page
on Friday afternoon, September 23rd, and received a surprised text from Randy. Although some
 of us knew he was in the hospital for hip replacement, nothing else was known. The
text conversation was spread over the weekend and with Randy wanting to
inform us of his experience, I'm sharing here our excerpts of our text conversation:

Lester: R u doing ok? Heard u were in hosp for awhile

Randy: I'm doing fine. (Entered hospital July 26) I was in ICU for a week after hip replacement
surgery cause of high fever, anemia and pneumonia, then moved to a private room for
5 weeks. After that, I went to Silver Stream Rehab and stayed there for 2 weeks. Then on
Sept 8, Home sweet home! However, Una drove me to Pender Memorial Hospital (PMH) twice a
week and weekends because I use Picc-Line for anemia. I had to ride in back seat to keep my
legs straight. Yesterday (Sept. 22) was my last day for Picc-Line. Bye, PMH, bye. I will go to
orthodontist office to see Dr. Lippe for x-ray on my hip. Hopefully I can drive. I miss driving from
July to current. No more hospital for me. I let u know that we will not go to HC because Una
is worrying about my hip replacement. I respect her. Are u coming to River at Wilmington on
Dec3? I remmy that u hate to ride boat. Am i correct? Tell Di and your mom hi for me.

Lester: That is understandable... how did you break your hip?
Randy: I fell very hard on driveway last April and Una took me to ER to have x-ray. Dr told me
that x-ray was fine. Oh man! Una forced me to go there. She was very worried about me.

Lester: Yeah, the older we get, easy to break bones...and hey, Una loves
you, gotta have somebody looking over you! (and no, I ain't going anywheres
that ain't no dirt under my feet can't see).

Randy: Oh. I lost 2 liter of blood and received 12 pints of blood while I had hip
replacement...anemia is very risky. I almost died by that. It means very low blood over my
body. That why I had Picc-Line. Una and Amy were scared to death that I almost died like in 2003.

Thank GOD and I bless LORD. O:)

Picc-line - instead of explaining here, best to click and go there

also inquired about Classmate Louise:
Was Louise okay after Mike passed? U met her at Lake Wheeler.
Lester: Louise is doing pretty well! MamaPat and I went to the funeral home
to give her support from the Class of '70, Don C. and Steve W. was also
there...She thanked us at the Lake Wheeler picnic...and remarkably, I
thought Louise was in very good spirits. Yes, losing a loved one is
hard, very hard, but the fact that she is talking about it
shows that she is handling his passing, amazingly very well.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

January 18, 2011
Webmeister' Note:
Randy and I finally made contact about a week ago and after several text
messages we ended up talking about his love of sports and with his permission, I wanted to share
our conversation on his page.

Ahhh, memories....

Where did you get your love of sports from?

You know me that I'm a sports nut! I watch playoffs of pro football. Go Green Bay Packers! Green Bay
was my first favorite when I was young and learned from A group Hoffmeyer Hall boys at NCSD
even while I was in D group when I joined 5th grade in 1962. I never knew about sports before going to
NCSD. Bobby Clark talked about NASCAR with me. That's how my hobby got started, NASCAR racing.
I become a crazy sports and NASCAR nut. Thanks to NCSD.

Did you and your Dad involved sports at home?
My dad had no time to talk me about sports because he traveled lot as a merchant marine. He did not
communicate with me in the hearing world. I'm the only deafie among my family and relatives. My family
tried to help me but no success. We traveled lot and moved lot. We moved to Atlanta and I went to speech
school for 4 years. I passed then we moved to Wilmington that my dad chose. Failing at public school in
Wilmington, my teacher told my parents about NCSD. They decided for me to go to NCSD. My relatives and
parents were very happy and cried that I was schooled and successful at NCSD. I never forget about my youth life.

What year did you joined football?
I think it was 1963. Umm. I like to thank the older boys "forcing" me to play 8th grade football when I was
13 years old because I was big (framed). I never forget that 2 teams did not want me to play against
them. Their coaches asked Mr. Butler to make me sit bench. Yes, he did. I laughed.
Webmeister' Note: Mr. Raymond Butler was NCSD's Vocational Principal until the end of
the 67-68 school year when he went to the to the Florida School for the Deaf. The Class of 1970's
Senior trip included a visit to to the school and enjoyed a party with the Butlers in attendance.

Who were the football teams wanting to bench you?
I'm not sure if they were Drexel and Oak Hill. My teammates were worried of playing without me. I told them to
make it and win game. We won Championship. It was our 2nd championships in 2 yrs when i played. We
were undefeated.

What was the name of the championship?
Called 8th grade Championship however we had no trophies.

When did you join the varsity team?
I joined the varsity team in '65. What was interesting here, was when i was senior in football, 1968, we had
the same team as 8th grade team winning the national championship. I played football, wrestling, track,
basketball, and softball that year.

That is very you have more memories?
I think that we beat CAAD (Charlotte Athletic Association of the  Deaf) in softball
game. We enjoyed playing with them. We had no conference
in softball. Guess what! A deaf coach of CAAD asked if I was interested to play for them.

As you know, I'm not a sports fan and you will find out why when I ask the next question:
 Did you get hurt in sports? If so, what happened?

Yes, it was my shoulder when I was freshman. But my bone was not broken, an injury
that sidelined me 7 games!.

 You played defense in football, right?
I played both defense and offence. I was first team of defense in (Skyland) conference. I was honored as
best defense at Gallaudet College. Our coach, Marvin Tuttle, showed me Gallaudet
newspaper and sports article that picked me on a all High Schools list. I never forget that.

You could not play football during our last year in school because of age limits, right?
Yes, but I was defense coach for 8th grade team with head coach Don Westmoreland.
Classmate Lee joined us also as defense coach. 

Do you have any final notes to say?
After I learned about sports at NCSD, my family talked to me about UNC Tar Heels and that we
had been UNC fans many years. So I decide to be UNC fan many years...and still am!

Yes you're right, I remember you always talk UNC sports and I think you had a UNC football jersey
which you wore weekends in the dorm.

Yes, you are right. I'm surprised you remember that!

Wow, I'm not football fan but I do remember you as a sports nut in dorm.
Ha ha. Yeah, right. I tell you the truth that I don't know how or why Gallaudet College wrote
about me. Maybe scout agent from Gallaudet College came to watch us to play.

I learned lot with deaf world and loved it. Later, after graduating, I was dormitory teacher and wrestling
coach at ENCSD for 6 yrs. 1971-1977.


First year in varsity: Randy in the
middle; clockwise beginning at
lower left, Herbert White,
Steve Warren, Dee Clanton,
Tommy Jackson, and Charles Autrey.

Played tackle this year.




Played both defense and offence.



Last year in varsity. Behind
Randy is #55 Jim Gibbs.

Webmeister' Note: When Randy was in Tennessee during the late 1970s and
most of the 1980's, he formed a Deaf Community Association. After he returned to
Wilmington, sometime in the early part of the 2000 decade, he formed a Deaf
Community, Wilmington Deaf Community. He helped organize monthly
Silent Dinners at different locations around the 4 or 5 county area.

He is now 'retired' as an active member of Deaf Associations in his hometown. He said
he wanted younger people to take his place.

Because of his love of football at NCSD, he was the idea behind the
1968 Football Champions 40th Anniversary Banquet.
A dream that came true.

August 24, 2010
Our good friend, Larry Swinney, who passed away, is in peace and be happy with Lord. He was very
funny guy and good football player. We, all  friends, have good memories of him always. We pray
for his wife Mary and his families in our thoughts.
Randy & Una Caines

April 2010
Una and I are doing fine and it's very peaceful country where we live. Let u know that we get to run internet this Monday (April 26). Umm, there is new name of deaf club,
Silver Dollar Association for the Deaf instead of Port City A.D.
Hurrah! Spring and Summer are coming! Hope to see u all where Deaf events come!
Take care and easy!

January 11, 2010
I plan to retire as executive director for WDC, enough for me that I was active for Deaf clubs for
 20 yrs including Tennessee. Wilmington has new club that is called Port City Association for the Deaf. I don't
 want to have 2 Deaf clubs in Wilmington. I give young people to do that to take my place.

We are doing fine after Una and I were at hospital. Hey, not car wreck, lol. I have gout which is very painful
and Una has 75% blockage artery near heart. She has 1 stent put in her. We both feel better after we get medicine.

October 18, 2009

Brian and Christy
See second paragraph below.

September 2009
Since Una and I moved, there is no DSL or internet because we live in country. We will get soon, cross our fingers. I can't promise if i go Homecoming this year as we go in 2010
for 40th Class Reunion.
Guess what! We have 9th new grandchild! Una and I flew to Nashville, TN to visit my daughter
Christy and grandsons on July 30th. They were very excited to see us. Have not seen them for 6
yrs. How lucky we are. Christy had her baby just before we left on Aug. 3rd. He was born on that
day, 9:19 am weight 6lb and 9 oz. He's very cute. We stayed hospital with Christy at 7 am. Una and
I hold baby before we left at 4 for airplane. Oh man, we had marvelous time.

PS: For now, we are on TTY 910-238-5056 and chat ID at yahoo and AIM = whitehulk70

January 29, 2009
Una came home from New Hanover Regional Medical Center today, she was at the hospital last sat.
She had colon movement problems. Hope she gets best medicines to help her. I'm very tired cause of
daily drive back and forth and spend time with her all day. She wants to thank Class of '70 for
get well card she received - Randy

December 20, 2008

Grandson Tyler caught a buck in the Rocky Mount area
over the weekend. This was his first catch.

June 7, 2008

Hi, yall!
There were 115 people. It was very hot weather and can cook hamburgers on my bald head! We had very
pleasant and marvelous time. Went swimming in lake, Prizes were great. WDC will have White Lake
picnic every year for now. Deafies are very happy that White Lake is coming back and alive for
Deaf world since 1973.

Buddy and Randy, cooling it.
Buddy Kennedy and Randy

Friday 03/14/08

We got home from New Bern Thursday (3/13). Of course, Una is heartbroken. I'm all right. Her dad
is ready to meet her mom, his Queen in heaven. Una did wonderful eulogy at funeral service. Una,
her sister, brother are strong relatives. They thank to their mom and dad to raise wonderful
life. Also I thank them too that I've good father and mother-in-laws.

Mon 10/29/2007 9:57 AM

We went to Wilmington Regional Center for the Deaf and HH to have open house and community
appreciation celebration last Friday (10/26). There were many people including the Mayor of
Wilmington, Bill Saffo and Senator Julia Boseman. Randy received the 2007 Merit Service Award. It
was for special contributions toward growth and quality of programs and services for Deaf citizens.
We are very proud of him. He works hard as Executive Director for The Wilmington Deaf Community.
Una Caines

Mon 10/29/2007 10:22 AM
Una, my daughter Amy, her two boys and I went to New Bern to have Una's dad's 80th birthday party
at Flounder's Seafood & Smokehouse. There were 36 people! He was very surprised! We enjoyed very
much! Una and I spent the nite with her family and joined with her sister and brother-in-law from
Hudson, NC. We had blast weekend!

My Ears Can't Tell Me, But My Heart Can!
Author unknown

My ears can't tell me
but my heart can!
I talk with God

My ears can't tell me
what God says
I am deaf
How can I receive
His answer?
My heart can tell me!

My ears can't tell me
beautiful music
is about God
People think
I miss the best part
of sounds,
my heart sings to me
I never really miss
the beautiful music
in my life.

My ears do not seem
important to me
God make me deaf
God taught me
to listen
to my heart
yes, my heart,
mind & eyes are
most important
to me
because I can feel
and hear from my heart,
God sends his words,
promises, answers
and music to my heart,
I am listening
to my heart
my ears can't tell me,
but my heart can !

Originally published on the internet by
"Sabrina" on 03-20-2001 03:16 pm
on the website

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