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                                            Jim Gibbs


Jim N. Gibbs
227 Glenwood Dr.
Methairie, LA 70005
504-831-6980 TDD and FAX

2nd address:
957 East Second St.
Pass Christian, Miss.

After school - Gallaudet University, then worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture at the National Finance Center and now I am an Accounting Technician.

Married in 1983 and have one hearing kid.

My first car was a 1972 VW and my favorite vacation spot is Cancun, Mexico for water rafting.

My favorite TV show as well as all time favorite is the Jay Leno's Tonight Show. And favorite movie is "Meet the Parents".

Favorite food: Rib eye with a loaded baked potato, boiled crawfish and shrimp.

First computer in 1984 and favorite web sites are:,

Other comments: 3 addresses so you cannot lose track of me. An e-mail address and 2 house addresses, so I am either on the Gulf coast (gambling at Mississippi coast and/or New Orleans).

I am still loyal to NCSD and follow up with UNC/Duke.


Space Shuttle Endeavor Final Journey
Gibbs took several pictures of the low level flyover.

Excerpt from newspaper article The Times-Picagune -
Baton Rouge edition: September 19, 2012, 9:13AM
The space shuttle Endeavour passed over the NASA Michoud
Assembly Facility in eastern New Orleans on it's final
journey. NASA's youngest shuttle is shown bolted to the
top of a jumbo jet. The fuel tanks that helped launch
Endeavour into space were built at Michoud.


A Flash From The Past

Webmaster's Note: An anonymous sender sent this
undated picture and Jim remembers the visit but
can't recall the reason. So I'm asking you good folks
out there in webby land to check the flash drive in
your memory chip from the innermost web of your
mind and see if you could recollect this
distinguishing  moment that's permanently captured
by a camera....the pennon or pennant has the
ensign of the National Association of the Deaf.

The setting is up there on Capitol Hill and the guilty
line up is as follows, left to right: Philip Hailey ('61,
former NCSD staff member and current NCSD
Museum curator), Boyd Arrington ('69), Senator Sam
Ervin (d-'85), Carolyn Shaffner ('68), Marty Blakely
('72) and of course our WHY man, Jim. Carolyn
Shaffner may have been a delegate from Gallaudet.

As mentioned above, this is an undated picture;
however, the late Same Ervin left office in 1974.
So this is a possibility that this picture was taken

Update 03/16/09
There is an article in the September/October 1969
issue of The North Carolinian about this
Washington, DC trip so this mystery might be



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