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Was/Were/Could Be Classmates of 1970

This page is devoted to Schoolmates that were members at some point in time
of the Classmates of 1970. Some Schoolmates advanced to the Class of 1969
after passing the 7th grade in the spring of 1965...famously Marion Parris, Jr. and
Jean Spence (if there were others, then you really need to come forward). We
remember well two Classmates that skipped...well...advanced to graduate in
1969: Brenda Bray and Brian Brizendine.


Brenda Bray at
Silent Dinner, Elizabeth City, NC March 8, '09.
Many thanks to Becca Woolard of
Multiply NC Deaf Friends for this picture.
Click here to go to her page.


Brian with Ye Ole Webmaster at DeafNation
in Greensboro, NC Feb. 28, 2009.


Updated April 05, 2009
According to the NCSD enrollment listing for the 1964-1965 school year, five
Classmates that were in our 7th grade class skipped the 8th grade, in the
fall of 1965, to join the 9th grade's Class of 1969. Below are their last pictures as
members of our Class of 1970.

Picture from the 1965 Yearbook
Mary Ann Fowler
Picture from the 1965 Yearbook
Tommy May
Picture from the 1965 Yearbook
Marion Parris
Picture from the 1965 Yearbook
Jean Spence
Picture from the 1965 Yearbook
Neia White

The three below were also members of our Class but left NCSD
to pursue other interests.
Picture from the 1965 Yearbook
Pam Reynolds
Left after spring of 1965
Picture from the 1967 Yearbook
Donna Canady
Joined fall of 1964
Left after spring of 1967

Leitha Summerlin
our newest classmate discovery,
updates/details on her page

So here we are, so far, 10 Schoolmates who
Was/Were/Could Be Classmates of 1970.

I, Ye Ole Webmaster, has the distinction that I can say that I could have graduated with the Class of 1969 OR with the Class of 1971. What happened was that I repeated the first grade in public school and skipped the 7th grade when I arrived at NCSD. If I did not repeat the first grade and still skipped the 7th grade, then I would have graduated with the Class of 1969 as well as possibly being the youngest student to graduate at NCSD. If I repeated the first grade and did not skip the 7th grade, then I would have graduated with the Class of 1971 and still be among the youngest of this Class. So as it turned out, I graduated the year I was supposed to graduate when I started first grade. Can I say truth is stranger than fiction?
AWW-SHUCKS! I coulda be a Class of '69er OR '71er!


As time goes on, we'll continue to add other Schoolmates that were members
of the NCSD Class of 1970.
This page will be an ongoing project
as part of our improvements to the website. This page will be
updated only with input from you and we thank you for visiting!

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This page was previously updated on 08/09/2009
and was last updated on 07/05/2012.


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