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                                                           or Buildings Then and Now
January - February 1968 Mixed Pages - Snow

National Weather Service Station at the Hickory Regional Airport reports
snowfall amounts of 2" on Friday, January 13 and 4" on Saturday, Jan. 14
and another 2' on Tuesday Jan. 24.

Page 2

March 09, 2007

From page 12

40 years later

From Page 13

NOME, Alaska? -- No'me, it is uptown Morganton during our January ('68) snows. The
city maintenance crews worked around the clock and after the first few days were able
to keep one lane open but it was a tremendous job. This was taken just in front of
the Mimosa Theater. -- Staff Photo

This March 09, 2007 picture was also taken in front of the Mimosa Theater.

Everybody Remembers the Mimosa Theater
now called Marquee Cinemas or Mimosa Cinemas

Lobby of Mimosa Theater is now a restaurant.

The Mimosa has a wonderful vintage art deco exterior and has been a long running movie theater in
Morganton. A new seven screen multiplex was built along side the original Mimosa in the last few
years. The original theater still has its marquee with the Mimosa name but a restaurant has taken
over the interior. The seven new screens all have stadium seating.

After attending this theater it looks like they gutted the original auditorium and made 3 screens
from that space. The other 4 screens and lobby are all new construction built adjacent to the old.
Everything flows together pretty well though. The restaurant occupies the original lobby area only.
Posted by: Mark/Lost Memory/

Last but not the Least -
I'm Sure Everyone Remembers The Fox Theater

Alva/Fox Theater Today - Southwest Corner    Alva/Fox Theater Today - Northwest Corner
Yep, this is the building that housed the Fox Theater. It's ironic that in the past, pictures were
shown whereas today pictures are taken. The auditorium has been adapted for a photography
studio and store. The seats have been removed but the decorative ceiling and walls are in great
shape. Even the small balcony remains. The sign outside says the Alva was open as a theatre from
1929 to 1951. So in later years, it was the Fox Theater showing erotic films.

The Alva is remarkably intact and a wonderful example of Spanish architecture both inside and
out. The marquee still hangs over the entrance and is being used to advertise the current retail
tenant. The theater is a great example of an adaptive reuse and is one of the best buildings in
Morganton's quaint downtown.
Historic sources: Mark Huffstetler/

All color photos courtesy Ye Ole Webmaster.

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