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January - February 1968 Page 17 Expanded Edition Continues

Monogram Club Logo from 1970 Yearbook, page 79
Ye Ole Webmaster started out asking Classmates of '70 about the Monogram Club such as:
How does a player join the club. Does the members or coaches make suggestions
and have a vote?

Or does a player must have a certain amount of time in the football field, basketball court,
wrestling period, or even track events to get elected? Extra effort as a player?

And I understand that there were more than one initiation ritual and the
head scalping was one of them. Were there any others?

At the very least, could you tell me anything what you know?

The following are e-mails verbatim that I received from Classmates and this research
was later expanded to include other members of the Monogram Club:

By the way, references such as: head scalping, head shaving, head clipping all means the
same thing as shown in the previous page's first picture with Gary receiving the treatment.

Ohhh, you will have to ask Randy about that. I think you had to play so many minutes or
make a significant contribution and agree to a complete head shave (which I refused).

Was it arbitrary ? Probably, yes. Anyone who bought a jacket, could join? Bought mine
and refused to join. - John Smith

Ummmm, I try to remember, players voted me when I was a rookie that I played both
(defense and offense) teams. I also remember that when I was President we voted
for rookies as they played good and hard work. - Randy

Unfortunately, I don't recall any "rituals" one had to go thru prior to joining the
Monogram Club. I don't even recall attending any meetings either. As far i can recall is
that the coaches pretty much determined who made the cut and who didn't...I could be wrong
tho. I'll ask around when I see a few old timers, perhaps you can ask Lee McDaniel,
Harold Deuel and maybe others. I'm to see Steve soon, so I'll ask him also. I do remember
that when I was informed that when I became a member of the Monogram Club, they
asked what I wanted, a jacket or a sweater.

The head clipping rituals were abolished due to a complaint made by a individual, who was
also made a member of the club - directly to Ben Hoffmeyer. I do recall some very unhappy
members when they were informed of the decision ordered by Hoffmeyer to the coaches
who in turn relayed to the club 'officers'. And still had to let him become a member
of the club regardless...DC

The next day, DC sent more Memories:
Went back to me yearbooks ('67 & '68) and looked at the M'grammy boys - especially the
 newly minted both yearbooks their heads were shaved. not so in the '69
and onward...

So had to tickle me brains a wee bit more...the head shaving was a mandatory, not a
choice. It was --- ------- who had a hissy fit when upon being informed he was invited to
join the Monogram Club and would have his hair shaved. He went straight to Ben Hoffmeyer
and made a statement (akin to a threat) to drop the hair shaving business or else. So that
was why '69 onwards there was no more rituals, which was now called hazing.

I do recall in my first two years at NCSD when the guys had their hair shaved, they had to
 wear a coat and tie to classes every day for about two weeks which they did with pride
that they were chosen to join the Monogram Club.

Later on in my smoozling with other old timers (ie: 50's and early 60's), they told me stories
about their rites on becoming a full fledged member of the m- club. Some years, new
members had to carry around a hard boiled egg with something written on them by the
older members. One version was the eggs were raw - uncooked (and yes, they had to wear
coat and ties too). The coaches (from different years, different coaches), upon learning
about it - put a stop to these things. I think these happened before Marvin Tuttle
became a coach at NCSD...

Good question ! I am not sure about that .. Interesting coincidence! Lately I have wondered
about that .... How players got into that club ... ?

If my memory serves me right, when any player gets a letter in any sport, they would
get into the club. I think not all players did not become a member automatically and they
had to play some time in any sport to earn a letter (not sure how to decide who had a
certain amount of playing sport time).

I think it was just one initiation ritual ("head-shaving" not shaving .. using hair clipper) not know what other ...? - Marion Parris ('69)

To answer your questions about the Monogram Club, remember...many years has
passed...all I can remember, is that each player had to have a lot of quarters, played
thru out the season, not so sure how many quarters needed to play either in football or
basketball but enough quarters to qualify and doing enough in the track and field
events...along with the nominations by the elder members...and I remember our coach,
Mr. Tuttle, had the list of the players who had involved in enough playing time and even
the water boys doing great performances in each basketball and football game.

After the players were elected, we had the light hazing events for each of the new
members, like shaving the hair...and carrying the egg...if I remember it right. Remember,
it was Mr. Tuttle who tended to get in control of all of that. We all did not know better
at the time...LOL so...that's about what I can remember...and it was little fun...right
and remember, every year, we had the fair in the basement, to raise the
expense some money for the cookout...(if I am not wrong). - Boyd Arrington ('69)

Now that Boyd mentioned it, yes, there were fund raising fairs in the
basement of the gym! Man, I completely forgot about those. I remember
them now. I even think one year they even had a Halloween haunted trail of some sort.

As promised, DC e-mailed Steve's memories:
Saw Steve yesterday and asked about his experience in joining the Monogram Club.
 Yes, he also had his head shaved. and it wasn't whether or not you want it, it was
mandatory. when I mentioned that I didn't have that experience when i was invited
to join the Monogram Club due to an individual complaint,
"it showed poor sportsmanship spirit!" was his response.

Steve also said the members voted on who were to join the club, but before the
vote, in a very informal manner, he said he was approached and asked how he felt about
"so and so" being asked to join the club and that was pretty much about it. He said it's
been so long and no one ever asked about his experiences with the M. Club so he'll do
some thinking to see if he could remember some more about it...

My excuse will be "gee, what rule?" so its easy to keep secret, ha. Really, you
ask good question. I believe Harold Deuel can answer that. I think for football
players it has to be 20 quarters for football and basketball and several matches
for wresting? I'll try ask others. You make us feel senile? - Jim Nelson Gibbs

More e-mails from the working man, DC:
This e-mail started the listing of 1970 Classmates who joined by year
in the previous page.

Went to NCSD museum and looked thru the yearbooks. Went by photographs of
clubs, etc in the yearbooks.
Boys Monogram Club - 1960 to 1976
Girls Monogram Club - 1971 to 1976
Richard Bowman & Jimmy Autrey also assisted me in this activity...

Talked to Phillip Hailey, member of 1960 club, said his hair was shaved. That's as far he can remember.

Thanks to Harold Deuel for his response!
I have already asked members of the '68, '69, and '70 Club and I am receiving
different answers or mostly that they do not really remember.
They did not remember well as I did ..I am too old to answer. Hope that I help you
 with some answers  ..Smile ..

How does a player join the club. Does the members or coaches make suggestions
and members have a vote?
I remembered that a player is qualified to meet how many quarters he played in
football. For example, he played more than half of 10 games and then he was qualified to get
a letter. All members in any sport should be qualified to meet the Monogram Club guideline. 

Or does a player must have an certain amount of time in the football field,
basketball court, wrestling matches, or track events to get elected?
Extra effort as a player?
 Maybe on a borderline with the amount of time due to how much a player miss quarters due injury.

And I understand that there were more than one initiation ritual and the
head shaving/clipping was one of them.
Head shaving/clipping was one of the old traditions at NCSD and it was stopped in 1970`s, I think ..

Were there any other initiation rituals
that you were aware of?
 No and yes .. Members made up their own rules so they had fun in doing something for fun
with new members in dorms.

Could you tell me anything what you know about the Monogram Club
of the 1960s. I was also told that the Club ceased to exist after 1976
which would be an interesting tidbit to add to the page.
It was ceased due to out of style for the Monogram Clubs as the public schools did cease. But
Monogram jackets at NCSD were bought by male/female athletes if they were qualified till about
1990`s. Jackets were so expensive to buy in 1990`s ... Some could not afford to buy.

I know I'm asking a lot but several members suggested that I ask you
for input which means you are a respected authority on this subject.
Yes, I was a sponsor for many years since 1966 till 1990. I think the Monogram Club at
NCSD was one of the best organizations in the past and members had pride in wearing Monogram
jackets. [I wore my yellow and green jacket, too at Missouri School for the Deaf in 1955 - 58]. 

I hope that you and your family are doing well and I also hope to see
you later this year during the 1968 National Champions Football Banquet
this fall that is planned by Randy Caines.
Pat and I enjoy our life in Florida since we moved in 2004. I am not sure if I will come down to
NCSD this coming fall. I hope that you and members on the 1968 Champions Football team will
enjoy the banquet.

One of two more tidbits from DC:
R. Bowman was just as surprised when he learned during our "research" on the M'gram Club
that the girls did have a M'gram Club also. He speculated that the M'gram Clubs (both boys
and girls) ceased after 1976 was due to no one was willing to be a sponsor of both clubs.
A club can exist as long there's an adult sponsor.

Second of two more tidbits from DC:
Spoke to several teachers that taught in the mid '70s abt the demise of the M'gram Club. It
was in general agreement that both boys & girls M'gram Clubs folded due to lack of a
sponsor. Sponsoring is a voluntary job and due to a large number of clubs that sprouted up
 around that time at NCSD "everyone" was a sponsor for a club and didn't want to take up
 the responsibilities of sponsoring a second club. Thus a club can not exist/continue
without a sponsor...

The 1961 Yearbook had this to say about the purpose of the Monogram Clubs:
The Monogram Club is made up of boys who have earned an Athletic
Award Monogram in any sport of the school's athletic program.
The purpose of the Monogram Club is to promote and encourage sportsmanship,
fair play, team spirit, and to advance sports and athletics in our school. A member
should carry out this purpose in his school life as well as on the athletic field.

This same paragraph continues with two historical facts:
We are very proud of our club room in Hoffmeyer Hall where our
monthly meetings are held. A picture of each member hangs in our
"Hall of Fame".

Our club has been active this year in several programs connected with
school sports, but our biggest goal for the year was to help finance the
construction of the new Trophy Case in the Underhill Gymnasium.


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