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Classmates at Randy's Christmas Party
                                                                                           December 9, 2006

The C70 Huddle and  MB with the guilty look, heh, heh, heh.

Randy half asleep before eating?? And Lee giving the blessing.

Randy hard at work during his own party.


Randy and Una provided the meats: turkey and fresh ham as well as the punch. All
entrees were wonderful tasting; there was salad, veggie platters with dip, large lima beans,
3 bowls of collards (or were they turnip salads?), large lima beans with ham(?) seasoning,
3 different kinds of casseroles (one I know was string bean casserole), two bowls of yams,
corn on the cob, 2 plates of devil eggs, large jar of bread & butter pickles, baked beans,
field peas, and of course rolls and cornbread.

There were 4 "exotic" entrees that we would like to mention here and would like to have
the recipes for: one of which, we were told was purchased at Wal-Mart, a broccoli salad
containing raisins, onions(?) and tangy mayonnaise dressing.

The second was a noodle casserole which had cubed carrots, corn, and a creamy sauce. The
noodles were just like the ones you find in Campbell's chicken noodle soup so we are
guessing it's called chicken noodle casserole.

The third, (Ye Ole Webmaster loved this one) is believed to be called cabbage salad. It had,
in addition to cabbage, sliced onions and green peppers in a sweet vinegar marinade.

Last but not the least, also loved by Ye Ole Webmaster, is an entree from Lee Ethridge, a
potato hash with onions sautéed with a sweet vinegar flavor. The potatoes were cube cut, about the
same size as what you get at Bob Evans. I told MB that I wanted the recipe for this one. This
was a popular item as it was gone when Ye Ole Webmaster went back for seconds which he rarely does nowadays.

We would love to have the recipes for the above and the casseroles and we know we left
out other entrees and we apologize.

The desert section we did not try but we think carrot cake was one of the many deserts
that were laid out. Oh, yeah, there was a LARGE chocolate chip cookie in the kitchen.

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