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Yearbook Highlights

                             Weekend Highlights
                                      40th Class Reunion Weekend
                                                                                         October 1, 2010
                                                                                   Pictures from Louise's that time...

Highlights of the Day
Pictures from Louise During

The Main Building Tour

At the beginning of the tour, Jimmy Autrey
explained that there was a wrap-around wooden
porch when MB was first built. The picture
below show a close-up view of the original
location of the front doors.


Louise demonstrating what the seal looks like when
the students habitably walked around the symbol
rather than walking across it.

An artist's rendering of MB...I've tried taking this picture
over the decade but this is the best I've seen without
too much reflections from the ceiling lights. This
portrait is located on the right just before entering
the dinning room.
(Name of artist is unknown)

To the left before entering the dinning room is the
receptionist station(?) presumably to collect tickets
from the staff before entering as well as as an
information center. Perhaps the contact center for
students during school hours and maybe during summer
when administration staff is on site.

This picture was taken facing the entrance to the kitchen
doors (on the left) and comparing this picture with the
first picture 4 years earlier on this page, it looks like the
kitchen doors were replaced and a digital banner board
installed above the doors.

Large picture of The Tower,
no other info available.

MB's auditorium today compared to 4 years ago.

Cute couple, I'm going to try to post more of their
pictures next week.

Business, historical it is.

Very unfortunate that we were not able to receive pictures from Martha and
Berry. Their camera received some damage and is is being repaired, if any
pictures are retrievable, they will send what they can.

Jimmy teaching me how to sign fast for the Reunion Event.

Ahhh, DC is finally with the girls.
(Shhh, the girls are ignoring him.)

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