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                                Reunion Highlights
                                       40th Class Reunion Weekend
                                                                                           October 2, 2010
                                                                                               Surprise Guest's that time...

Highlights of the Banquet Event
(October, 2010) Oh, What a Night!
with apologies to the Four Seasons
titled (December 1963) Oh, What a Night!

Donnie Crump introduced us to a surprise guest on this night:
Marilyn Williams Gordon

Please welcome Marilyn Williams Gordon





For those who don't know Marilyn Williams Gordon, she was one of two
Creative Writing teachers during our last year at NCSD.
Click here to see The North Carolinian and
Memory Lane articles about the Creative Writing class.

Thank You Don and Ms Marilyn Williams!
And I'm sure the rest of the members of the Class of 1970 wants to say
"Thank you" to Don Crump for 'catching' Ms Williams AND we also
thank Ms Williams for stopping by after her hectic schedule of visiting
(from what I've been told) 2 or 3 other Class Reunions in the area on
this night. This is what is called a once in a lifetime event that will make this
Reunion a very, very memorable experience. Again, we ALL thank you BOTH
for making this happen.

Webmeister's note: Unfortunately...and I really mean 'unfortunately', I did not
take notes of my short conversation with Ms Williams just before she left the
premises, I told her in effect that she "taught me well" in Creative Writing  which
are displayed in several issues of The Bugler as well as on this website. She turned
the tables on me and said that "I learned well" of the courses
that were offered to me (or words to that effect).

At any rate, Ms Marilyn Williams and Ms Barbara Leary, I thank you
personally, for joining NCSD and putting up with me and my antics in
Creative Writing class and teaching me about writing creatively.

By the way,
Mrs. Marilyn Williams Gordon wrote a very interesting article in the spring 2010
issue of The Bugler, 'Just By Chance', part of which explained how the
Creative Writing classes got its start at NCSD.and she writes that her ten years
at NCSD will always stand at the forefront of her mind.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Afterwards, the Class proceeded with several of us sharing memories at NCSD,
then we ate cake.

We ended the Reunion about 10:30 and with lots of help from the Classmates, we cleaned
up the Chapel and closed the doors about 11pm.

Picture credits: Top five with Williams, Lee/Mary Beth
Remaining pictures from Lester

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