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                                 Classmates at DeafNation 2011
                                                                                              April  2, 2011

Look who arrived?! We arrived about 12 noon and in about less than 5 minutes the Hamricks
found us. The camera that I've used for about 10 years years died on me and I'm using
another digital cam that I'm not really happy with.

So far 5 Classmates plus the Honorary Classmate.
Come on Cathy, where's that smile?

We never got around to get a group picture but we all were able to
see each other again. Don was there earlier, so Barry, Brenda,
Cathy, Judy, Randy, and moi...7 of us.

Earlier in the day, Don tried several times to text me but my phone service
provider did a system upgrade on my droid and messed up my phone
settings and turned my phone vibrator off....arrrgghhh!

Right around 4:30, we all got together and tried to make
arrangements to have dinner somewhere, Cathy was
with her car pool group and couldn't join us. We all
had a hard time deciding which. Plans were changed again
on the way out the door and the Hamricks, their van pool
and Judy went to the Cracker Barrel and my bro Kim and his
wife, Scarlett, Grace Canady joined us, MP, Brenda
and me at Stamey's for BBQ. Thanks to Jimmy Hall
for the suggestion to go to Stamey's.

So, apologies to Judy for us missing out on our dinner date.

As we headed back to our vehicles, Scarlett peeked in the
lobby where the event occurred and found Randy and Una
waiting on their daughter, Amy. We all ended up chatting for
about an hour. The movie, "Black Sands", finished and we
ended up chatting for about another hour before we finally
completed our trek to our vehicles.

And lucky Don, he saw everyone except MP, Brenda, and me.

I'll catch you next time, Don.

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This page was last updated on 04/03/2011.


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