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                                      Scouting Page

The following 4 pictures were made in the late winter/early
spring of 1970, right after the end of the basketball season,
 all of them are of the same camping trip.
Pictures are courtesy of Gary Hunnings.

It looks as if these boys are taking a break from roaming
around during their 'free' time.

J. Gibbs on bridge, R. Glover in yellow shirt, and
Ronnie Merritt ('74) next to Glover. Boy looking down
on the right by the tree is unknown.
The red jackets the boys are wearing were obtained during the
Philmont Scout Ranch Expedition at Cimarron, New Mexico summer of 1967.
Looking at the cap in the pic and the person being the close "look alike" in the
yearbook, the wild guess on the person with the back to the camera would
be John....who mentioned how the red jackets were obtained.

Jimmy Gibbs

The camp is owned by the Marion District of the
United Methodist Church,
1040 Camp McCall Road, Bostic, NC.
This picture was also published in the Spring 2010 issue of
The Bugler
Yeah, yeah very sweet memories...28 miles south on hwy 64 south,
a real joyride with 40 boys in the back of 5 ton dump truck
probably not legal nowadays... - John

Graphics below were also provided to The Bugler:

The Boy Scout Handbooks

SIXTH EDITION – 1959-1965
This edition was written by William “Green Bar
Bill" Hillcourt who wrote many of the
Scoutmaster’s and Patrol Leader’s Handbooks. It
is a multi-colored handbook that is considered as
a modern age manual. Norman Rockwell painted
the cover to celebrate the 50th anniversary
of the BSA.

This edition resulted from the BSA revision of
the advancement requirements with minimal
changes in content and organization. Both the
6th and 7th editions are unique from earlier
editions due to their larger size and their
full-color artwork. Don Lupo painted the cover
with Scouts wearing different hats.


To see the requirements to become an Eagle Scout today, you can go towards the
middle of this webpage or this page. Bona fide Eagle Scouts will notice that these
requirements are different from those of 40 years ago.

The Palms, seen under the Eagle above, requires additional merit badges
if an Eagle Scout is still active in his troop. The Bronze Palm represents
5 merit badges, the Gold Palm 10, and the Silver Palm 15.

Scouts who earn three Palms may continue to earn additional Palms in the same
order - bronze, gold, and silver. All requirements for Eagle Palms must be
completed before a candidate's 18th birthday.

The embroidered square knot patch, shown below the Eagle Scout patch,
represents the adult who earned the Eagle Scout award. If this same
patch has a silver border, it represents the wearer as a life member of
NESA, (National Eagle Scout Association).

A short list of famous people who have attained the rank of Eagle Scout:
40 astronauts earned the rank as youths, including Neil A. Armstrong,
first person to set foot on the moon;
38th President of the United States Gerald R. Ford;
Academy Award-winner Steven Spielberg and Mike Rowe, host of the
Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs.

Webmaster's note:
This page is sure to be updated in the future...and when it does
it'll be announced from the home page.


This page was originally posted around 09/27/2006
for research purposes and went live on 04/11/10.



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