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                 I Love the Sixties, man!

                                Nostalgic Websites of the 1960's
Sure, we graduated in June of 1970, but we had to live through the decade of the 60's to get
there....right? Right on! We were groovy in those days. We grooved to the fads, lived through
the Summer of Love, oh man, we were in awe of astronauts on the moon, rode in cool cars
with no air conditioning. That was history, man!

These pages are dedicated to the 1960's, the years that we went to school. It's got lots of cool
sites to click on, so grab yourselves some stimulants and spend a couple of hours reminiscing.

So without further ado, enjoy this page, have a blast,  man! This is far out!!

Feedback from our audience re blast above:
Oh Les! I was in heaven!!
Peace brother!

I really, really enjoyed it!! I watched it twice! Boy did it bring back memories!
                                      Jumpy Happy Face!MP

08/01/13 - Thanks to the Valley Book Club for the newest entry at the top of the list!
For updates on 02/12/2010, see add-ons marked as + and revised links marked as *
Please see Thank You below!
Two pages made during our year long 40th Anniversary celebration has found permanent links
on this page: go to 1969 below or click here for the Year in Review page and click on the
I-40 signage for the day to day events that occurred starting backwards from
June 7, 1970 to the Summer of 1969 with the historic moon landing.
Be sure to check out another addition related to the 1960s posted on the links column on the left:
We Are Survivors or go straight to the new addition inside We Are Survivors.
To answer inquiries from out of state: US 70 and I-40
are highways going through NCSD's hometown of
Morganton, NC
                  I Love the 1960s Peace & Love

Retro Fashion Guide: Tie Dyed Shirts to Mini Skirts
July 31, 2013 - A million thanks to the History Club Members
of the Valley Book Club for this link submission!

Fashions of the 1960's

Fads and Trends of the 1960's

For women:
*Hairstyles of the 1960's
Women Fashions: 1960

For men:
Clothing styles of the 1960's

Were you a patio kid in the 60's?

The Icons of the 60's

60's Celebrities, Showbiz & Sports

Vintage Mopar Ads

1965-1973 Mustang Enthusiasts Site

Classic TV Shows of the 60's - of course not
captioned in those days but most are
captioned nowadays on cable/satellite.

Flashback to the 1960's

More 60's culture

*The Revolutionary Sixties
(Extensive links about the Sixties)

American Cultural History in the 1960's

AT&T's Technology Timeline of the 60's

How about movie posters from the 60's?

The 60's. A time of rebellion. ... Women's rights took on a new meaning.

Baseball Cards of the 60's

How about monster cards of the 60's?

+Popular Culture of the 1960's

*Pop Culture in the 1960's

+Pop Culture in Sci-Fi

The Psychedelic '60s

Yahoo's list of the 60's

Sixties Central An Extensive Listing of the 1960s (Slow site)

Sixties Boy's Bedroom

The Counterculture of the Sixties

The Turbulent Sixties

Horror Movies on TV and Theaters

1960's Car Ads

Thank you Ms. Sarah Golding, a history teacher in Maxy Hall, somewhere in America, for bringing this to our attention that the link below was broken. Research found the page had relocated and it's back.
*The Decade of the 20th Century: the Sixties
This site had some pretty heady stuff, broken links yet still many good sites to visit.

However, she found a 60's site that she thought should be included here and I agree and it's posted below.

Flower Power - An America 1960s Movement
A fantastic site and she says "There's so much information on there. It breaks down the 1960s by cultural categories. It might be a good addition to your site. My kids seemed to really like it (especially the music section, haha.)"

Famous Hippy Quotes

Myths and Facts About the 1960's

Is it really true that man never really walked on the Moon?

Relive those Saturday Morning Commercials of the 1960s.

+Andy Warhol and Pop Art

California in the Sixties

Yahoo's List of Popular Culture of the 1960s

What kind of Sixties Person are you?

More Links to the 1960's

+And More Links to the Sixties

Yet More Links to the Sixties

+The Making of a Nation
Transcript of a 15 minute radio broadcast
about life in the United States during the 1960s

Sixties Timeline












                             Peace Sign

                      Flower Power

                     Motor Racing in the 1960s




                        * LBJ

                     An Astronaut on the Moon

                         Richard Nixon

                           *Peace Symbol

                        * Let There Be Peace on Mars and Goodwill to Mankind
                                 Peace Sign on Mars?


                              Peace, man!





                                                                     This page was last updated on 07/31/2013.


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