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                                                                                                       Page 19
                                                                                     Upper School Faculty
                                                                                                            (1 of 2)

Upper School Faculty - 1 of 2
 Let's preserve some memories before they fade away into
never, never land...what were the courses these hard
working teachers taught?
Miss Mary Jo Bangle - yes, as some of us schoolmates did not
know, married Archie Johnson ('65) - course taught - unknown
Mrs. Burkett K. Bergl - help me here, I don't remember her
Mrs. Judy S. Berry - she was my teacher but don't remember what she taught
Mr. George K. Brown - don't know what he taught but I remember him as the famous
girls basketball coach and boy, can he sing in ASL!
Miss Norma M. Bushey - Sewing class or was that Home Ec?
Mrs. Marie M. Butkus - Art classes - 6th(?), 7th and 8th grade
Miss Judy Ann Causby - Cheer leader coach is all I remember
Mrs. Bashie Crutchfield - English - I remember lots of reading in her class.
Mr. Paul Crutchfield - Taught Basic Woodworking (I think) and of course
the Boy Scout's Scoutmaster. (Now as I understand it, there were two
Boy Scout troops on campus and Mr. Tim Shane was the Scoutmaster of
the second Troop. Can anyone enlighten us on that?)
Mr. Harold C. Dual - Algebra, boy, as far as I'm concerned, he was Mr. Numb3rs,
 also a very well known wrestling coach and later on a referee for
wrestling contests
Mrs. Kate B. Fowler - Math teacher, 6th(?), 7th and 8th grade
Mr. C. Philip Hailey - I never knew what he taught, never had him as a teacher,
today, as you should know is one of the curators of the NCSD Museum
Mrs. Mary S. Hotchkiss - History  6th(?), 7th and 8th grade
Mrs. Margaret S. Houser - I have no idea what she taught

Top floor of Upper School was for the 6th(?), 7th and 8th grade students
and the middle (1st) floor and basement (dungeon) was for the
Freshmen, Sophs, Jrs, and Srs.

This is page 1 of 2 for the Upper School Faculty section of our
Yearbook. Next week's posting will have the 2nd page.

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