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                                                                                                       Page 20
                                                                                     Upper School Faculty
                                                                                                            (2 of 2)

Upper School Faculty - 2 of 2

To continue with last week's commentary:
Mrs. Mary P. Jamison - I remember her well but again, don't remember the course
Miss Barbara Leary - Yep, one of two in Creative Writing
Mrs. Mary McDaniel - Lee's Mom....just kidding, taught 6th(?), 7th and 8th grades,
course unknown
Mrs. Mabel M. Mull - Sorry, don't remember her
Mrs. Martha M. Saunders - Home Ec?
Mrs. Anne B. Starrett - English and according to John, did a lot of unofficial or
ghost editor for many things...Yearbooks, The North Carolinian...
as well as a proctor for all SAT tests
Mrs. Jane R. Taylor - History, very opinionated and very open minded
Mr. Olouse A. Tullos - Science, smart guy, he could tell when two of my
Classmates were copying my answers on homework
Mrs. Evelyn W. Watson - Science, 6th(?), 7th and 8th grade
Mrs. Julia H. Waytt - 6th(?), 7th and 8th grades? Course unknown
Mr. Donald Westmoreland - Course taught, unknown, 6th(?), 7th and 8th grades and I believe coach for the girls Jr. Varsity Basketball team
Mrs. Marilyn Williams - the 2nd teacher in Creative Writing
And of course, the last three pictures' captions on this page are self explanatory

Again, as mentioned last week:
Top floor of Upper School was for the 6th(?), 7th and 8th grade students
and the middle (1st) floor and basement (dungeon) was for the
Freshmen, Sophs, Jrs, and Srs.

Memory Lane
Creative Writing
was a new course implemented at the start of our last year
in school and the class had two, yes, two teachers, which was very
unusual. Not only that, both teachers were new at the school. The course
also offered a Scholastic classroom magazine called Scope which we
affectingly called "Scoop" because it was "digging" items and articles
for us to use in the class.

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