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                                                                                       Yearbook Page 29
                                                                                    Household Department
                                                                                               Hoffmeyer Hall

Now these were the "real Bad Boys of Hoffmeyer Hall" don't cross
paths with them...or be good and they might (??) be good to you.
Supervisors, they were called, nowadays they're called Houseparents.

George Pierce group 'B', during the 40th Anniversary Football Banquet,
Mr. Pierce mentioned that he encouraged many boys to join the
football team...and was assistant coach at one point.
Jim Powell group 'E', Doug Caraway was a
newcomer, believed to be a substitute.

Ross Johnson, a man to be reckoned with. Many a story can be told about
this overbearing authority figure, two versions can be found here. A huffing-
puffing cherry tobacco pipe smoke aroma lets you know he's around. I've been
told a number of times that 'Bossy Rossy' had no sense of smell. ("His nose is Deaf!",
as a comical boy would say.) Also, some students did not know his wife,
Mrs. Lucy Johnson, was also a houseparent in Main Building...and she also
has a history with us related to The Store on the Hill.

Then there's Archie Johnson, my first at H.H. and
many years later I found out that the fall of 1965 was also his first year of
employment at NCSD. Some years later he married a teacher I never had the
opportunity to be in her class, Miss BoJangles.

Mr. Richard Bumgarner, C group, everybody loved this guy...had a
juiced up Dodge Charger, straight shift, that he could spin tires every
time he changed gears. And then there's Mr. Carroll Prichard...another
newcomer, sorry, I have no memory of him, also believed to be a
substitute houseparent for E, D, and/or C groups.

One interesting note was that 1970 was Bobby Clark's last year at NCSD
and I think was the same school year he quit smoking.

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