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                                                                                       Yearbook Page 76
                                                      Boy Scout Troop 182 and Green Bar Patrol

Green Bar Patrol Trivia
Researching six yearbooks, 1965 thru 1970, found Green Bar Patrol
starting with the 1968 yearbook (p71) consisting of 6 members and
4 of these members are from the Class of 1970:
John, Don, Jim, and Steve.

The 1969 yearbook (p65) shows 17 members and 6
members from the Class of 1970:
Gary, John, Jim, Don, Steve, and Dickie.

So while we are counting, in the picture above, there are 15
Green Bar Patrol members and again 6 from the Class of 1970.

Ahhh, memories....
I was a member of the Boy Scout Troop 182 in the spring of
1966, too late to be in the group picture for that year's
yearbook. For four years, I enjoyed every minute of it, but
left in the spring of '69 after realizing that I would not achieve
the rank of Eagle because I didn't have at least one merit badge
at the time, you know, less than 12 months to acquire 21 merit badges?

After receiving the 1970 yearbook, I did not realize that there was a
Green Bar Patrol, or for that matter, that they even existed. What their
functions and purpose were, I asked around, I found that they were a small
group limited to Eagle and Life Scouts whose purpose and functions
were mostly assisting the Scoutmaster, so rather than to call them
Assistant Scoutmasters, it was easier to band them together as
Green Bar Patrol. Their functions were mostly involved in
leadership training exercises with the next cache of leaders.

When the Troop was split into smaller groups there was a
Green Bar leader within those groups which would be performing
duties or tasks depending on the situation at hand.

In the case of a camping weekend, a group would be responsible
for maintaining  campfire and cooking chores, another would be
identifying plants in the area to avoid poison ivy/oak. Other groups
would be hiking to hone their compassing skills (back in the day, GPS
skills today). Mostly working to earn their merit badges.

Thanks to John and Don for the insight. For more
details, one could go to this website resource dedicated to
the Green Bar.


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