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                   Extracurricular Activities

Rankin Hall Kids Goodwin Hall Kids Joiner Hall Upper School Extracurricular Activities Sports Class Trip to Raleigh Class Trip to Florida Class Trip to Georgia Mystery Lake Myers Views from the Clock Tower Debris Page

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Square Dancing Troupe

During our "early years" in high school, some of us Classmates participated in Clogging and during
our Senior years it was Square Dancing. First row, l-r: Debbie Spencer, Brenda Davis, Nancy
Johnson ('72), and Sherry Honeycutt. Back row: Richard Glover, Wilton McMillan ('74), Lewis Suggs,
and Randy Caines. There is a similar picture featured in The North Carolinian section.

This is a different posing of the Square Dancing Troupe above. Apparently, this is part of a series
of pictures taken for a Class Yearbook. This picture was 1 of 2 found in the NCSD Museum by
Curator Jimmy Autrey. The second picture he sent can be found near the bottom of the
Florida page.

A True Extracurricular Activity!

Yes, this picture is shown in our Yearbook and this is the original picture from Richard Glover.
Our Debris Team thought this was hilarious and insisted that I post this on this page.
Gary Hunnings and David Bouthot ('71) at front and Donnie Crump, Richard Glover and
Wayne Snow ('71), standing.

The Football/Sports Banquet
The following four photos are from the Lewis Suggs Photography Archives,
courtesy of Trudy Suggs.

The above group photo has students from the Class of 1969 and 1970. First row, L-R: Larry Triplet
('69), Tommy Jackson ('69), Donnie McLamb, Dallas Partin ('69), Lewis Suggs, Val Lowery, and
Kenneth Lowe. Second row: Buster Bowman ('71), Eddie Robinson ('69), Maroney Williamson ('69),
Richard Glover, Randy Caines, Ray Rich, Lee McDaniel, Donnie Crump, and Jimmy Gibbs. Back row:
Tommy Nance ('69), Dee Clanton ('69), Robert Autrey ('69), Wayne Herron (?), Lester Latkowski, and
Willie Harrell (?).


Escorting the girls to Hoffmeyer Hall. Dee Clanton and Sherry Honeycutt. Linda Gillespie and Buster
Bowman. Sandra Dixon and Larry Triplett.

Jr-Sr Prom, Spring of 1970

This picture was originally posted in the Mystery Page and later placed under the Football/Sports
Banquet above. The girl holding Richard's left hand is Debbie Spencer. She is wearing the same dress
as in the picture below. Richard Glover is in the middle facing away from the camera and Randy
Caines on the left. Photo courtesy of Lester Latkowski.

There is a similar picture like this in our Yearbook under the heading Class Memories so this is
initely the Prom in the spring of 1970. I remember it being held at the SUB (Student Union Bldg.),
whereas the Jr-Sr Prom of 1969 was held in the gym between Goodwin and Jeter Halls.
Picture courtesy of Richard Glover.

Now these two pictures below are also from the 1970 Prom and yes,  Barbara Morton is a graduate
from the Class of 1969. When I return these pictures back to Richard, I'll ask him for details.

Steve and Louise, waltzing on the dance floor.

Picture courtesy of Louise.

Junior-Senior Banquet Booklet, May 1, 1970.
Scanned copy courtesy of Trudy Suggs.

The Juniors "hired" some members of the Class of 1972 to serve as serveurs and serveuse (French
for waiters and waitresses) for the French themed Jr-Sr Prom.
Front row: Paula Spencer, Diane Little, Ronda Cook, and Connie Greene (?).
Back row: Johnny Purcell, Richard Bowman, Kenneth Simmons, and Stacey James.
Credit goes to Ronda (Cook) Watson for the picture which was discovered on March 08, 2007,
in her classroom and appreciation goes to Sam Moss (NCSD staff member) for scanning the
picture and sending.

More of our 1970 Jr-Sr Prom pictures can be seen on Gary's Prom Picture Page

The North Carolinian article about the Prom written by Debbie Spencer can be seen here.

Jr-Sr Prom, Spring of 1969
Photo courtesy of            The Bachelor
Randy Caines                                    

Lester with Bachelorette #1 and #2.

The Prom Band
Name of band is unknown.

Jr-Sr Prom, Spring of 1968
These two pictures were dated June 1968, so it has to be the Prom of the previous month. The
picture on the left shows Mary Sloan and Richard before the Prom. On the right, clockwise from
left, Richard, Brenda Brey, Craig Ensley and Mary Sloan. Craig and Mary are from the Class of
1968. Pictures courtesy of Richard Glover.

Theatrical Cast, January 1968

Drama Cast of "As You Like It" January 1968  Click on picture for expanded view

Cast photo from "AS YOU LIKE IT" by Shakespeare. Presented in January 1968.
First row, l-r: Joyce Sigmon, Mike Suggs ('68), Lewis Suggs, Dee Clanton ('69), Barbara Clewis.
Second row: Rachel Stone ('68), Carolyn Shaffner ('68), Glenda Cable ('68), Mary Sloan ('68),
Craig Ensley ('68), Marion Parris ('69), Catherine Parrish ('69), and Larry Swinney ('68).
Third row: Richard glover, Brain Brizendine, Johnny Rich ('68), Randy Caines, Kathy Eubanks,
Charles Autry ('68), and Jimmy Gibbs.
Picture courtesy of Trudy Suggs.
PS: If it's been a while since you've visited this page, click on pictures to enlarge and click on your browser's back button to
return to normal viewing.


The Green Berets on Campus

These military visitors were actually Green Berets from Fort Bragg.
According to John Smith, Fort Bragg had agreement with NCSD that upon
completion of each jungle training session, the Rangers  would get free
hot exchange for that, they would visit the students... This
picture, courtesy of Lester, was taken in the Spring of 1970 near the
Water Tower at the east side of  Main Building. Sylvester Stallone
is sitting on rear left of the military vehicle. (This picture was originally
posted on the Mystery Page).

Lewis being shown how to shoot by Green Berets. From what
John Smith told me, they were often visitors at NCSD. Comments
and photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs.

Annual School Picnic in 1965

Photo courtesy of Randy Caines
According to John Smith: "We used to go to the Optimist Park...30 minutes up hwy 181. It was
owned and managed by the local Optimist Club in Morganton...that's now closed. In fact, some NCSD
students won Optimist Club Anne just said that she was one of the I
didn't win that award. She said it was for honor students who met their criteria for 4 years".
"Anyway, I remember that we went there for the school's end of year picnic every year in May".

"By the way, I was a lifeguard there 2 of 2 locals to team up with Marines and
Paratroopers who agreed to provide free lifeguard services to the city...but us high school students
were paid by the city".

"My sister tells me that..."Silver Creek Campground is now renamed as Optimist RV Resort and
Campground" across the road"".

I also mentioned to John that: "I did not know that this was an annual picnic. All I remember was the
one at
Playmore Beach in May of 1969 and in May of 1970, the school had a picnic on campus at
front of the Scout Cabin".

"I also donít remember any school picnic in spring of í66, í67, or í68. Dang! Did I missed out or did the
school not have it on those years? Was it just for high school students (grades 9-12) or for all
School students?"

His response: "You are probably correct on the hunch that it was limited to high school students...cuz
for younger kids, or when we were in middle school, we had our June picnic at the teachers home.

He also mentioned: "That the senior class had an extra picnic at Scout Cabin...did we not go? I can't
say now". Lester says, "Ahh, yes, that I remember, we had steaks and potatoes on that picnic but I
do remember that we had this inside the cabin".

John also says "Be sure to say that I'm aging like everyone else...if people can correct me or send
accurate info, it will be appreciated".

A video of three 8mm clips from an 1969 Playmore Beach outing can be seen here.

Hoffmeyer Hall Boys Waiting for Saturday Morning Chore Assignments
Lewis Suggs is in the front, with his hands on his hips and in the plaid shirt. Behind him would be
Lee McDaniel and to his front looks like Steve Warren.
Photo courtesy of Trudy Suggs.

Formerly in the Mystery page titled "Recess, Gym Time, or is it PE?" And captioned "I donít
recognize the pavement markings and I think this may have been taken near Joiner or Goodwin
Hall, if so it would be the early 1960s".

The mystery surrounding this picture started to disappear in November 2005 when MP finished
repairing the Aerial view of the campus taken in 1965. A close up view of the Underhill Gym (see
below), shows the pavement markings as seen in the above picture.

An early spring morning 2006 visit to the site verified that Phillip Hailey was correct in assuming
that due to the angle that the picture was taken as well was the shadow's direction, that Lewis'
picture had to have been taken at Underhill Gym. (Facing the gym, the picture was taken just to the
left at the top of the steps on the sidewalk). Lee McDaniel arrived at the school in the fall of 1961
and supports the theory that Richard Bowman ('72) and myself believes that Lewis' picture was taken
on a Saturday morning after breakfast when sometimes the young boys would gather there for their
weekly campus chore assignments.

These were innocent times! Nowadays, if we were assigned chore duties, the school would be cited
for violation of Child Labor Laws! Ouch!
 Those were the days, my friends, we thought they'll never end!

Unless otherwise indicated, all Jr-Sr Prom photos are courtesy of Lester Latkowski,


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