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                 Classmates in Goodwin Hall

Rankin Hall Kids Goodwin Hall Kids Joiner Hall Upper School Extracurricular Activities Sports Class Trip to Raleigh Class Trip to Florida Class Trip to Georgia Mystery Lake Myers Views from the Clock Tower Debris Page

For the Outside visitors to these pages, Goodwin Hall used to be the dormitory housing Joiner Hall students in grades 1 through 5, whereas Rankin Hall served both as a dormitory and classroom facility for pre-school and kindergarten students.

And for those who came in late, click on the small pictures to see the expanded version.

Two new pictures added - October 1, 2011
Scroll down to the "NEW" buttons
or you can click 1960 or 1962

aka The Goodwin Hall Kids
   May '59: Left to right is Richard Glover, Jimmy Gibbs, Buster Bowman, and
   Melvin Murray. In the background is Mrs. Bridgers. Picture courtesy of Richard
                              Richard Glover's Mosaic: Second Grade/Joiner Hall 1959-
                              1960: Teacher Betty Lou Mitchel, RichardGlover,Tonya
                              Gilmore, Lewis Suggs, Anne Potter, Brenda Davis Proctor,
                              Janet Misenimier, Linda Gillespie, Louise Isenhour Luther,
                              and Jimmy Gibbs.

                   October 1, 2011
- 2nd grade teacher standing is Betty Lou Mitchell in 1960
                         Left to right: Anne Potter, Janet Misenhiemer, Tonda Gilmore,
                                   Brenda Davis, Jimmy Gibbs, Lewis Suggs, Dickie Glover,
                                 Louise Isenhour Luther, Linda Gillspie, and Dickie's sister
                                 Cindy. Richard said "This picture was taken by my mother
                                 when my parents and Cindy (sister) brought me back to school on a Monday
                                      Monday after staying for the weekend at the Mimosa Motel in Morganton.

Mrs. C. Walker, 3rd Grade '60-'61 - This picture was taken by Richard Glover's father before taking
Richard home for the weekend which is why Richard's sister is also in this          
picture. First row: Lewis Suggs, Linda Gillespie, and Richard's sister. Second      
row: Richard Glover, Anne Potter, and Louise Isenhour Luther. Mrs. C. Walker,   
   Brenda Davis Proctor, Brian Brizendine, and Jimmy Gibbs.

These two pictures were from Randy, April, 1962.
Picture on the left taken by Randy: First row left to right: Fred Ballew ('69), Johnny Kellum, boy
behind Johnny Kellum is unknown, Tommy Donnelly ('67), and unknown. Second row: Wayne Snow
('71) is leaning over Fred Ballew, 3 guys behind Wayne Snow are unknown. Mr. Massey and two
unknowns. Third row or top row: John Thomas ('72), 2 unknowns, Donnie McLamb (his hands are
over Mr. Massey's head), Dee Clanton ('69) and Gary Duncan ('71).

Picture on the right taken by Jimmy Massey: First row left to right: Fred Ballew his head turned to
his left, Elwyn Leatherman ('69), Val Lowery, unknown, Tommy Donnelly, Dennis Miller. Second row:
behind Fred Ballew is unknown, boy making face is unknown, Wayne Herron, unknown, Tommy May,
and Randy is behind Dennis Miller. 3rd row: Johnny Kellum, John Thomas ('72), Donnie McLamb, Dee
Clanton, unknown, and Gary Duncan

Posted October 1, 2011

1962 4th grade
Mrs. Mrs. Carolyn Arney (Bill Simpson's sister), Louise, Linda, Anne, Lewis, Jimmy,
Dickie, Steve, and Brian. Mosaic was created by Richard's mother.

   Lee McDaniel kneeling, Gary Hunnings. Second Row: John Smith, Steve
   Lancaster, Lewis Suggs, unknown student, Elton Burris, and Berry Hamrick.
   Picture courtesy of "Chevy1949".

                             Leon Barnwell, Lee McDaniel, student in plaid shirt is
                             unknown. Second Row: Berry Hamrick, Robert Warren,
                             Jimmy Gibbs, Elton Burris, Gene Oxendine, Owen Nelson,
                             and student holding object is unknown. Student obscured
                             behind Gene Oxendine is unknown, and John Smith.
                             Picture courtesy of "Chevy1949".

  Clockwise from left: Steve Warren, Gary Hunnings, Lee McDaniel, Jimmy Gibbs,
  Lewis Suggs, Jesse Holbrook, Ray Hutcher, Miss. Emmie Lou Mace and John
  Smith. Photo taken by Richard Glover, sent by Gary Hunnings. Thanks to Marion
  Parrish for providing Jesse's last name.

                       November 1962, 5th Grade. First row: Steve Morrison, Linda
                             Gillespie, and Louise Isenhour Luther. Second row: Lewis
                             Suggs, Brian Brizendine, Jimmy Gibbs, Steve Warren and
                             Brenda Davis Proctor. Behind Steve is Teacher Mrs. Arney.
                            Originally listed as 4th grade, now relisted to 5th based on
                a new list matching the school years to the grades
       Picture courtesy of
Richard Glover.

Mystery Picture
(originally posted January 05, 2009)

This "rediscovered" picture was found during our semi-annual website
maintenance...actually the picture itself was found behind one of our
scanners. 01/12/09 - We now know that Richard Glover owns this picture.
(Additional details below).

The second mystery is where was this picture taken? Although the
date on the picture is November 1962, this looks like the Classmates
are at a teacher's house during a spring outing...grass looks freshly
cut and the kids are wearing shorts. Back in those days as John mentioned
in the Extracurricular Activities page "for younger kids, or when we were
 in middle school, we had our June picnic at the teachers home".

First row, l to r: Lewis Suggs, next two are unknowns (maybe Jim Gibbs
and Brian Brizendine?), Steve Warren, and Richard Glover.
Second row: Anne Potter, Louise Isenhour, unknown and Linda Gillespie.
And of course Brenda Davis, standing. A closer look behind Brenda and
Linda shows someone sitting in a lounge chair, thus the thinking that
this picture was taken at a
spring outing.

A true southern tradition can also be observed in this picture...
white painted tree trunks.

01/12/09 - Richard also said that the photo was taken at Mrs. Arney's home
and it was a birthday party for Brian (May 7th) and for Richard (May 8th). Between
Lewis Suggs and Steve Warren are Jimmy Gibbs and Brian Brizendine.

The person between Louise Isenhour and Linda Gillespie was Morris Hawkins. Morris
was a very good hard of hearing student and eventually left to go to public school.

I want to thank Richard's buddy, Scott Swicegood ('78), for bringing the picture
to Richard's attention. In addition, I want to thank Janet Misenheimer Blakely ('72)
for also verifying the unknown student as Morris Hawkins.

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This page was last updated on 09/30/2011.


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