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                                                 Index of Memory Lanes

Ahhh, memories....

This page was created as part of the inclusion for
this website's Site Map but is interesting to note that
there are 33 instances of reminisces throughout this site.
Buildings Then and Now:
Buildings Then and Now - Bonus Page
Hoey Hall aka Upper School - Page 1

                                             Page 6 - Renovations - Pictures of the Attic
                                             Page 8 - Renovations - Basement/Lower Level
                                             Page 9 - Renovations - Woodworking Shop
Hoffmeyer Hall - Page 2 - The Early Years
                          Page 4 - Dinning Room
Main Building - Dining Room Area

The North Carolinian:
1963 October Page 08 - Metal Shop
1965 October Page 04 - Art Classes
        November Page 03 - Movie Projector

1968 January - February Mixed Pages - Movie Theaters
        January - February Page 17 Expanded Edition - Monogram Club (Link only)
        January - February Page 17 Expanded Edition Continues
        March - April Page 9 Flu Epidemic only time flu epidemic mentioned in
                                                             The North Carolinian

        November - December Page 05 - Electronic Classes
1969 September - October Page 5 - New Video Technology
        September - October Page 12 - Creative Writing Class
        November - December Page 15 - Three Memory Lane Articles
1970 March - April Page 10 - Moon Rock Article

Yearbook Memories:
Creative Writing
"Bad Boys" of Hoffmeyer Hall
Dietary Department - Main Building and Hoffmeyer Hall Faculty
Maintenance Department
Laundry Department Faculty
Boy Scout Troop 182 and Green Bar Patrol
Cub Scouts and Boy Scout Troop 201

More Memories:
Ross Johnson Trick

NCSD's One and Only Radio DJ
The Store on the Hill
Juniors Hazes the NCSD Seniors
Randy Caines Football Memories

April 28, 2007

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