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                    Classmates in Joiner Hall

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During our Mini-Reunion at Lake Wheeler on August 19, 2006, Louise gave us a
large envelope with vintage pictures and newspaper clippings. With all the hectic
projects going on for this website, I managed to make time for these undated
newspaper clippings believed to be from The Morganton Herald.

Deaf Children - But They All Got Rhythm

During the program following the open house last week, Joiner Hall Students did some plain and
fancy dancing. Included is the gang of fourth graders having a ball doing the twist. Left to right
are: Louise Isenhour, Steve Warren, Nancy Johnson ("72), Brenda Davis, Lewis Suggs, Ann Meshaw
('72), and Richard Glover. (Staff photos by Dorothy Cable)

Nursery rhymes spoken to music are rendered by the Joiner Hall Chorus while group at right makes
colorful tableau. First row of chorus (left to right) are Richard Glover, Ann Potter, Morris Hawkins
(?), Linda Gillespie and Louise Isenhour. In the second row were Lewis Suggs, Steve Warren, Brian
Brizendine, Jimmy Gibbs, and Brenda Davis. Illustrating the old rhyme, "Here We Go Around the
Mulberry Bush" are (left to right) Ginny Edwards ('76), Monday; Melissa Mosteller ('74), Tuesday;
Dana Snider ('75), Wednesday; Charles Phillips ('75), Sunday; Peggy McDonald (?), Thursday; Linda
Plemmons ('76) Friday; and Susan Fletcher (?) Saturday.


Joiner Hall Today
(June 6th, 2007)

  As previously reported, roof leaks continue to disintegrate the unoccupied buildings on
campus. Same day pictures of Goodwin Hall can be seen here.


(March 9th, 2007)

Even though all of the buildings on campus are listed within the NCSD Historic District, there are
no funds available to preserve unoccupied structures. As you can see, the windows on the upper
left floor are deteriorating inwards due to roof leaks. Rainwater has accumulated on the
basement floors rising as high as 3 to 5 inches destroying surplus items, mostly old and unused
desktop PCs.

Joiner Hall Blue Ridge Community Action says sign under the right window.


The year 1930 indicates when this building was built.

This picture was taken by peeking through the glass at the front door.

Situated between Goodwin Hall on the left and Joiner Hall on the right,
Joiner Gym is the only simplistic designed building on campus. Before
McCord Hall (aka SUB/Student Union Building) was built, many
Jr-Sr Proms memories were made here.


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