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                                                                 Mystery Photos

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                                 Mystery Photos
We need your help in verification for these photos. Please e-mail us! Remember, you can click on
        these pictures to enlarge and hit the back button on your browser to return to this page.
                        The Dungeons of Upper School - Click on the picture for a close up view
 This high school pix was sent anonymously and was taken in the dungeons of Upper School, possibly
   during our senior year. What the occasion is about is unknown, but it looks like a bunch of us was
       pretty excited. The location seems to be the camera facing the woodshop, Mrs. Crutchfield's
classroom would be the door on the right, the stairwell going outside as well as the main floor would
 be to the right going past the doorframe we are huddled in. The girl on the left is Sherry Honeycutt
and in the close up view looks like she is getting ready to put on a sweater. Richard looks as if he is
 unfazed and Mary Beth is very elated. That's Frances behind Melvin and the guy in the background
               with glasses is either Lee or Lester. Oh yeah, click on the picture for a close up.

              Dinner Occasion at Hoffmyer Hall Dinning Room, '69-'70.
Richard Glover, who provided this picture, originally thought this was the Oriental cuisine setting
that we Seniors had in the Home Economic Classroom in Upper School. However, looking at the
picture in our Yearbook shows only us Seniors using chopsticks. This picture shows a variety of
students including the Class of 1970 eating steaks, mashed potatoes, peas and rolls. This occasion
is unknown and remains a mystery. The first two students on the left is believed to be Mitch Mahar
and Billie Bowman. The third is Donnie Reeves. The third student down from Donnie Reeves is
Berry Hamrick. Student behind Berry serving tea is unknown. First student on the right is Louise
Isenhour, second student to her right is Sherry Wilson. Rest of the students are unknown. Student
standing looks like Mike Mabe.
                                                  Class Reunion 1990 or 1994?
These two photos were sent in by Sandra Dixon Barber and we think that these photos were taken
at the Scout Cabin. We also think that these photos were taken in 1990, our second Class Reunion.


                                 The "Caves on Campus" article has been moved here.

                          Pep Rally or Horrorween Costume Contest?
  As best as I can figure, this was taken at the end of an
  indoor Pep Rally in the Main Building's Auditorium. Then
  again, if you look closely at the clothes these folks are
  wearing, you would think it's a Halloween contest.
  Picture was taken in the fall of 1969.

                         The "Recess, Gym Time, or is it PE?" picture has been moved here.


All photos Copyrighted 2002-2009 NCSD Class of 1970 or Lester Latkowski
unless otherwise indicated.

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