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                                          Sports Page

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 Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL?!!

   These two pictures are the earliest pictures we have of some of our Classmates in the 8th Grade
 football team. Clicking on either picture will take you to another
 page containing the enlarged pictures as well as the names of
 the players. Thanks to Randy for sharing.

  Unless otherwise indicated, the following photos are from the Lewis Suggs Photography Archives,
                                                      courtesy of Trudy Suggs.

  Part of football team, according to Lee McDaniel it's fall of 1964.

              This has always been my VERY favorite picture. The thrill,
              determination and confidence can be so clearly seen
                                         in these boys' faces. This was after NCSD defeated
                                         Kentucky School for the Deaf, 64-7, and were named
                                         conference champs. - Trudy Suggs.
                                         See update and correction about this picture here.

  Part of football team, fall of 1969, according to 1968 Tri-Captain Lee McDaniel.

              Fall of 1968, the team left early in the morning,
              played the game in the afternoon and returned to
                                        school in time for supper! - As mentioned in the NCSD
                                        100th Anniversary Booklet, 1994. This picture was
                                        featured in the 1969 Yearbook and was also part of an article in the
                                        student magazine, The North Carolinian.
From left to right: Boyd Hicks ('69), Buster Bowman ('71), Fred Ballew ('69), Donnie Crump, Howard Deuel - coach, Charles Autrey ('68), Maroney Williams ('69), Lee McDaniels, Randy Caines and Tommy Nance ('69). The face looking backwards behind Randy could be Elwyn Leatherman ('69). The individual standing is Gary Chilton ('67).

I received the above picture anonymously and the letter stated that the picture was courtesy of Howard Deuel. The letter also stated that the date on the back of this picture was 11-67. But, looking closely at the handwritten date, it looks like 66-67. Just so you know, the name on the return address was NOT Howard Deuel's and will remain anonymous. Thank you whoever you are for sharing this picture.

                        This is the actual photograph that was used in the 1968 Yearbook,

              This was taken at the beginning of the wrestling season, fall of 1967 and is the
                       "official" wrestling team as shown in the 1968 Yearbook on page 93.
     This picture was previously titled 1968-1969 and captioned as "taken at the beginning of the
          wrestling season, fall of 1968 and was not the "official" wrestling team as shown in the
                         1969 Yearbook".
Thanks to Dee Clanton ('69) for the date correction.


                                             Girl's Basketball

  1966-1967 Season - First row; L-R: Una Clark ('69), Ella Mae Foust ('72),
  Rachel Stone ('68), Glenda Cable ('68). Second row; Trudy Eaves ('68), Mary
  Sloan ('68), Marcella Wilson ('68). Third row; Nancy Johnson ('73), Deborah
  Spencer, Mary Reece(?) and Carolyn Schaffner ('68). Fourth row; Kathy Eubanks,
  Linda McCall ('69), Mary Ann Fowler ('69), and Judy Johnson ('67). Fifth row;
  Doreen Rogers ('68), Shirley Starling ('71) and Imogene Cummings ('71).
  Thanks to Jeannie Parris for the correct spelling of Imogene Cummings' name
  in this picture as well as pictures # 3, 4, and 5 below.

Girls Basketball team '67-'68 season - This picture was damaged over the years,
                             however, the Debris Team was informed that this picture is in the 1967
                             Yearbook. If anyone can send us a scanned copy, we'll post it here for
                             comparison. As captioned in the Yearbook, the following are:
                             Trudy Eaves ('68), Diana Power ('69), Catherine Parrish ('69),
                             Una Clark ('69), and Eva Mae Bruce ('71). Standing are: Rachel
                             Stone ('68), Glenda Cable ('68), Mary Sloan ('68), Mary Ann
                             Fowler ('69), Imogene Cummings ('71), Kathy Eubanks, Linda McCall ('69), Mary
                             Reece (?), Deborah Spencer, Nancy Johnson ('72), and Marcella Wilson ('68).
                             Thanks to Jeannie Parris for correctly identifying Imogene Cummings and Nancy
                             Johnson in this photo.

                             As promised above, this is the scanned 1967 Yearbook
                             picture, page 96, of the above group. If you look closely at
                             both pictures, you'll see that the Yearbook picture was taken
                             at a higher angle than the color picture above.
This picture is believed to be taken during the '67-'68 BB season. First row: Marcella Wilson ('68),
  Diana Power ('69), Deborah Spencer, Una Clark ('69), and Eva Mae Bruce ('71).
  Second row: Catherine Parris ('69), Nancy Johnson ('73), Mary Reece (?),
  Imogene Cummings ('71), Mary Ann Fowler ('69), and Coach George Brown.
  Standing: First two in plain clothes: Carolyn Schaffner ('68) and Judy Johnson
('67). Rachel Stone ('68), Mary Sloan ('68), Kathy Eubanks, Linda McCall ('69), Glenda Cable ('68),
and Trudy Eaves ('68). Thanks to Jeannie Parris for identifying Glenda Cable in this picture.
                            This picture is also believed to be taken during the '67-'68 BB  season.
First row: Glenda Cable ('68), Rachel Stone ('68), Mary Sloan
                            ('68), Una Clark ('69), Doreen Rogers ('68), Deborah Spencer,
                            and Kathy Eubanks. Second row: Imogene Cummings ('71),
                            Janet Misenimier ('73), Mary Reece(?), Mary Ann Fowler ('69),
                            Roberta Silver ('72) and
Marcella Wilson ('68). Thanks to Jeannie Parris for
Marcella Wilson, previously unknown, in this picture.
  1968-1969 Season - First row; L-R: Deborah Spencer and Una Clark ('69).
  Second row; Catherine Parris ('69), Imogene Cummings ('71), Nancy Johnson
  ('73), Diana Power ('69), Mary Reece(?), and Eva Mae Bruce ('71).

D. Spencer & Nancy Johnson ('73) playing one on one.                     Coach George Brown

                                           Deborah says. "You figure these out".

Were the girls being punished for losing a game????           Camera guy's distracted or looking????

                               The above nine pictures are courtesy of Deborah Spencer.
                                               The Pep Squad
  The Caines believes this picture of the Junior and Senior
  members of the Pep Squad was taken during the Fall of 1968.
  As  best as I could tell, based in the Class of 1969 Yearbook, the
  following members are: Left to right: Marion Gibbs ('69),
  Debbie  Spenser, Linda McCall ('69), Barbara Morton ('69), Kathy
  Eubanks,  Una Clark ('69), and Brenda Bray ('69). Photo courtesy
  of Una Caines.

  Homecoming 1968: Brenda was the Pep Squad's Captain,
  taking the place of the other who was being crowned the
  Homecoming Queen. Left to right: Linda McCall ('69), Debbie
  Spencer, Marion Gibbs ('69), and Brenda Bray ('69). Looks like
  George Brown shading his eyes on the far right. The first boy
  standing on the far left is Randy Spivey ('71) and the boy next
  to Randy might be Ray Carver. The girl sitting next and facing
George Brown is unknown. This picture is verified to be taken during HC of '68 by an anonymous
visitor. Picture courtesy of Deborah Spencer.

                           Individual Classmate's Sports Pictures

         Two pictures of Lewis Suggs in a wrestling match.

                                                   Randy Caines' football poster.
                                                                              Photo courtesy of Randy.

This page was last updated on 03/23/2011.


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