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                    Websites of the Month Archives
                                                                               Gently Gathering Dust

  This page contains our fourth year of Websites of the Month picks in chronological order of posting
                                              ending with the first in January of 2007.

December 2007
December 21, '07 - Wow, I did not realized that this page hasn't been through it's monthly updates.
OK, so busy me...

Christmas is the season and wallpaper sites are the reason.

Have a North Pole Christmas

Christmas Day
This site is everything about the day itself. If I give a review it'll take me a couple of hours...or
completely fill up this page. Oh, yeah, click here go to the downloads page, I've downloaded clip art
graphics...can you tell?

Christmas Corner
Huge collection of wallpapers. Go here if you collect smileys.

Wallpapers from Christmas
Tons of wallpapers to chose from, also they have cliparts and coloring pages for kids.

OK so Christmas is over, Happy New Year!
New Year Screen Savers:

Again, as always, when looking for wallpapers and screen savers, stay away from the notorious and as they do try to infect your computer with trojans and

I'm not into the so called animated wallpapers, also known as 3D wallpapers mainly because they're
distracting when you are trying to do some work on your PC. Yes, of course, they're candy for your
eyes and there are some pretty good ones out there. But after a few hours on my PC, I always go
back to my favorite pictures on webshots. By the way, the pictures you collected can easily be
transferred to webshots.

November 2007
The Really Truly Hillary Gallery
You really want Hillary Clinton for President? I don't think so. Why? Scroll down and let these
unflattering pictures of her speak for themselves. Um...President Hillary Clinton? Brrrr, a very scary

Do Something
It goes without saying that most of North Carolina and beyond are under severe drought conditions and
the media has reported that there is a town in Tennessee has already ran out of water. This website
shows you 27 ways YOU can conserve: 11 ways in energy, 8 ways in water, and 8 ways in pollution.

Science for Everyone
Radio Waves Fire Up Nanotubes Ebedded in Tumors, Destroying Liver Cancer; Missing Black Hole
Report: Hundreds Found! Hubble Sees the Graceful Dance of Two Interacting Galaxies
...These are
some of the headlines found on this site. Like quizzes? They have 'em. They also have thousand of
reviewed science links on everything from astronomy to zoology.

11/04/07 - This Day's notable birthday - Walter Cronkite (1916)
"Uncle Walter" served as CBS Evening News anchor from 1962 to 1981, during which time viewer
opinion polls found him to be the "most trusted man in America." He reported the newsworthy
events of the era so effectively that his image and voice are closely associated with the Cuban
missile crisis, the Vietnam War, the Apollo 11 Moon landing, and the Watergate scandal. Cronkite
experienced a rare loss of composure during one 1963 broadcast when he was forced to announce
what event? More...

October 2007
This is the "oops list...enjoy...

Oops, ouch, wow, gee, duh, golly, huh? Pictures of mostly aircraft mishaps. Few you may have seen
over the years. And finally, I have proof of why I don't fly. Go to this oops list site and find/click on
WindowsPanel.jpg located on the bottom right corner of the page.

Museum of Hoaxes (home page)
Photography over the years has proven to be a favorite tool of hoaxers since its invention...and still is
in the current and as well as the future internet era. This site showcases some notorious photographic
fakes arranged in chronological order from the Civil War to the present. Remember the white bearded
man holding the biggest (white) cat you ever saw? I bet you believed that to be true. (featured section)

Horrorween or is it Halloween?
It's the beginning of the holiday season...some folks will say it's the beginning of the end...of the year,
that is. The number of Halloween websites has exploded over the years...take a stroll down the
caverns of blood, get a treat from Ben & Jerry's Halloween Experience, go to trick or
and download some creepy stuff. Check out My Halloween Stuff and check out the new and improved
haunted and while you are there, download some scary entertainment. Last but not the
least, my favorite, Free Halloween Screen
PS: As always, reject featured within the last (or any site) posted above.

September 2007
This month's Websites of the Month are selected in remembrance to those who lost their lives
on September 11, 2001 and in celebration of the men and women who are fighting for our

9/11/01, Six Years Ago
The Nation was enraged, we were engrossed to television for a week, e-mail boxes were filled with
pictures and editorial cartoons...

Pictures and Editorial Cartoons
In remembrance of the victims, the firefighters, and the solders, we present this site which contains a
huge collection of patriotic pictures, editorial cartoons, some of which you may have seen and some
of which you may not have seen.

CNN - America Remembers
CNN has a timeline of the events that occurred on this eventful day...

More Links:

Rare pictures from 9/11 can be found here on our own website.

August 2007
Sign City Television

Remember in the 1980s a Deaf cable channel called the Silent Network? An e-mail newsletter that
some of you received featured which might be the forerunner of a new cable channel
for the Deaf in the future. The website is very informative and what surprised me is the man who
created this website is the same man who created the original Silent Network on cable. Something
to keep an eye on.

Here's a very interesting site! As they say: "They provide the best listings of deaf community and
interpreter related events throughout the nation as well as important news related to the deaf
community and much more!" This site has been improved since I last visited it about 2-3 years ago
and now it warrants a mention on this page. By the way, the website's URL is really easy to
pronounce...say...oh so

Welcome to Sea and Sky
Long time readers of this page knows that my interest is cosmic so I offer you folks another interesting
website devoted to the sky as well as the sea. At the lower half of the homepage, there is an index of
interesting pages of which will make your clicking choices easier.

Speed Trap Exchange
You speed, I speed, we all have a need for speed...but watch out for speed traps! JS submitted this site
and of course as travelers, we don't need tickets. This site says: it is where visitors can post what they
believe are speed traps. The National Motorists Association cannot attest to the validity of these listings
and that entries are individual postings from private individuals who believe a speed trap is in effect in
these locations. Speeders beware! Click below to find your state's listings.

July 2007
July 7, 2007 was a lucky date for a lot of people; three times the normal weddings took place on
this day, some with themes based on the sevens. Even pregnant mothers had caesarians just so
that their babies could be born on this date. The world has always been enamored with the number
7: The 7 Wonders of the World, The 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, The 7 Wonders of Canada,
The Lucky 7, 7 Deadly Sins, there are jeans labeled 7...the list goes on. Just this week, 100 million
people voted online to create the newest 7 Wonders of the World.
ABC News - The Luckiest Date of the Decade?  Oh, by the way, 08/08/08 is just 13 months away....

The Roswell Incident
This month celebrates the 60th anniversary of the Roswell incident which is perhaps the most
famous of all UFO cases in the world. The truth is out there...
UFO Crash at Roswell - Main Page
        The Crash At Roswell
        Current Status of the Alien Autopsy Film
        Autopsy Film History
        UFOs for Dummies
        UFOs in the 90's
Interviews with Eyewitnesses
The Legend
The Air Force Research Report

June 2007
Happy Anniversary, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
43 years ago, the Beatles arrived in New York for the Ed Sullivan Show. Three years later, they
re-invented themselves by locking themselves in a studio for four months and produced the most
important rock & roll album ever made. This month makes the 40th Anniversary of the album,
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, which also ushered in an unforgettable season of hope,
upheaval and achievement: the late 1960s and, in particular, 1967's Summer of Love. Everyone
knows about the Beatles. The schools' newspaper, The North Carolinian, even featured articles
written by students in 1964 about the Fab Four. The media outlets has featured segments about
this event of 1967 and we thought it would be nice to feature a few websites celebrating this
milestone in history.
Rolling Stone - A Review
The Album - A guide to the way the album was made - also go to the bottom of this same page and
there's a link listing all those people that are on the album cover
Graham Calkin's Beatles Pages - Pictures of the album's inside cover, cutouts and the record
sleeve. The above site also shows other satirists of the legendary cover.
The Internet Beatles Album - Shows alternate album covers required when released in other
countries, 8 track cover, and other oddities.
Voice of America's article about the 40th Anniversary
No getting over 'Sgt. Pepper' - CNN
Lyrics to the songs on the album
'Sgt. Pepper's' still turns us on

The 1967 Summer of Love
The hippies and the Peace sign became prominent, seems like the Now Generation is heading to
San Francisco..."If You're Going To San Francisco, Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair"...
the theme song for the year, written by John Phillips of the Momas and Papas and reinforced by
the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band above. Rock music in the summer of ’67 reflected
the growing conflict in Viet Nam, the drug experimentation of the counterculture, and the ongoing
civil rights struggles. Again, the primary influence was the burgeoning West Coast “flower power”
movement, centered in San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury and Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon rock music
enclaves. The list of musicians who lived in Los Angeles' Laurel Canyon in the '60s and '70s is like a
"dream team" of classic rock. Members of the Doors, the Byrds, the Turtles, Buffalo Springfield,
Mamas and the Papas, Crosby Stills Nash & Young were among the many who called Laurel Canyon

The Summer of Love was the first of many events of the Hippy Generation leading up to the finale
which was Woodstock.

May 2007
While the nation's newspaper is celebrating it's 25th year of publishing, it also celebrated 25
milestones of the information highway
. Every Monday for 25 weeks (April 30th is the 6th week), USA
Today will post a list of 25 items a week of a group of highlights of the past 25 years.
ABC News' website has undergone a major overhaul. Although there was nothing wrong with the old
website, the new website continues the archiving of older news articles but in a better orderly fashion. I
say go visit the new site. It might take a few extra minutes to get used to navigating the site but I like it
already, especially the Good Morning America section.
Nowadays, everyone is going green, recycling every throwaway they can think of. This site combines
all recycling information into one location which is neat because in the past when I wanted to find a
recycler for the electronics and old an refrigerator I wanted to get rid of, it took me 2 days of part-time
research to find the recycler's local addresses. I've been green for years, recycling everyday
throwaways like, plastic bottles, plastic bags from retail and food stores, aluminum cans, newspaper,
and even batteries from flash lights, remote controls and let us not forget... hearing aid batteries.

April 2007
43 Things

Actually, it's 958,506 people in 12,216 cities are doing 927,648 things (as of April 7, 2007,
roundabout 12:30am). The home page is updated every time you click on your browser's
refresh/reload button. This site is actually a blog about 958,555 people in 12,216 cities doing
927,743 things at this moment. No, I'm not in it............................................yet. Are you?

Live Video(s)
Whilst we were growing up in high school, the latest in "videos" was actually the network news'
film/tape clips, or even network specials. Nowadays, in the insane world of instant news courtesy of
the internet, you can watch the latest videos from around the world...and they are NOT coming from
your favorite news network.

Lost the Manual Guide to your VCR? DVD player? Digital camera? Well, you can now quit looking for it
because it is now online. The original
WOM site is now offline and I saw this on the news and after
browsing around, I found this site to be just about the same or better than the original site.

March 2007
Old American Gas Stations
from all around the country
I was doing some research in another section of this site and found a pictorial section that brought
back memories of yore. This website is actually a Harley-Davison motorcycle fan site and apparently
their members, during their travels of the back roads of the good ole US of A, collected pictures of old
gas stations and posted them on their site. It was interesting to see the old logos of a bygone era.
Esso, Mobile, Sinclair, and to see other logos that has not changed over the years. At the bottom of
this page, there is a link to another page within this site that has pictures of Antique Gas Pumps and

Soda Museum
As young'uns and later as adults...before we got our health conscience...we always considered sodas a
refreshing cool to continue down another lane of memories...let's go visit the different
Rooms in the Soda Museum.

Mighty Optical Illusions
Fans of this page knows that I have featured several optical illusions sites in the past. This site, which
is relatively new, has pages and pages of optical illusions, some you may have seen, and of course,
some new ones that you have not seen. There is a listing on the right named, Optical Illusion
Categories, containing all kinds of illusions. In the category, 3D Chalk Drawings, I discovered several
pictures in the sub-categories, 3D Sidewalk Drawings no. 2, 3, and 4 that had been sent from Texas to
MamaPat, who in turn showed to me.

February 2007
stuff on my cat .com

You got cats? I got cats! Always had cats. Some of our Classmates got cat(s). Do you put stuff on
your cats? I rarely do, but only when the wife ain't around. This website has cute pictures of stuff
on cats. Each week they have a contest that revolves around a certain theme. Cat lovers put stuff
on their cats and submit pictures. Site visitors vote on their favorites and the winner receives a
random prize. Nope, I don't take pictures of stuff on my cats, but I enjoy looking at pictures of
stuff on cats.
A while back, JS (I think) sent me some interesting military photos from this site. The top section
of this site has beautiful, strange, odd, and funny pictures from NASA. Other sections has pictures
of WWII classic aircraft, hilarious pictures of our fighting men and women, and new images
posted in the last few days. Oh, yeah! Do chick out the sidebar under the header " Special Images
and Pictures", I spent 6 hours going through these pictures. I did not check out the rest of this
section knowing I'll kill the rest of the evening going through those. Anyhow, after browsing
around, I discovered that this site is a member of a family of websites, one of which was also
featured as a WOTM in September of 2004,

January 1, 2007 - Happy New Year!
Now that 2007 is here, you can check out the hottest web searches for 2006:

Today is not not necessary the first day of the new year everywhere because there are about forty
calendars used in the world today. For serious reading, if you want to read the white papers or the
historical eras and chronology of the calendar's, you can go here:

For fun reading, you can go to this site everyday and it will
tell you what and/or who is/are being celebrated for the day.

A website with reviews of websites: "My mind is going... I can feel it"..."Once you see the photo and
video essays on this site your view of world events will never be the same."..."This nicely designed
site uses text and animation to explain everything from how sound is recorded to how TV
works."..."Visit this site to reflect on America's past and present. Revisit your favorite decade or
search "the world's largest archive of classic print ads""....One of the few quotes/reviews of the
contents of this site....from arts to the weather, from art museums to science. You can even
explore the science of baseball, skateboarding, hockey and cycling...To me, this site is just as awe
inspiring as my visit to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago as a kid.

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