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                    Websites of the Month Archives
                                                                               Gently Gathering Dust

This page contains our fifth year of Websites of the Month picks in chronological order of posting
ending with the first in January of 2008.

Health In Plain English
Presidential Diseases - Diseases of the Presidents of the United States. John sent this in and said:
Why are we getting this just before the holidays? I'm not sure...perhaps to cut down on hangovers?

Yep, we're still looking at green sites. This month's home page features composting for your garden
which I've been doing for years. But what is really interesting is in their "In The News" section are
various items of interest especially recycling electronics programs. As most of you folks know, I'm
into electronics and this article explains how it's easier than in the past to recycle old electronics - not just PCs and monitors but also printers, LCD screens, digital cameras and even those old video
game consoles. It's easier now to help keep these and other toxic products out of the landfills and
this site has links to sites to help you keep our earth green. Reduce, reuse and recycle.

This site basically explains the facts and benefits of recycling as well as other areas of knowledge
not included in earth911 above. So if you're not convinced to recycle, do the earth good by visiting
this site.

Yep! That's a new word and a new museum. Read historic headlines, read today's front pages, there's
even a virtual tour you can take. Looking for Pulitzer Prize photographs? Well, this place has it. Even
ABC News' This Week with George Stephanopoulos airs every Sunday from the Newseum. If you are
in the DC area, you really need to make the time to visit this museum.

means compute for science)
You think I mean BOING? No, I said BOINC. You think I meant BOEING, hey...or BOOING. No...BOINC!
Ok, so what's the deal, you say, eh? Yep, it's BOINC time for your PC. When you have your PC on to
do a little work, the CPU is idling more than it's working. You know your PC is idling when you walk
away from it or even when your PC screensaver kicks in. Believe it or not, when your PC is on, it is
sitting there waiting to do something while it is using or wasting your electricity. So, make your
idling PC do something useful, like doing something for mankind. This is where BOINC comes in.

OK, I bet you have seen seti@home sometime within the last 5 years or so. BOINC is actually an
an interface or program that is an 'ambassador' between your PC's idleness and research. In this
case, BOINC was started by Berkley University's seti@home project. It's a free download.

SETI@home is a scientific experiment that uses Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)...namely radio noise, more organized, like earth's TV signals
beamed to satellites.

During the initial set-up, you sign up and select the projects you want your PC to research on. All 3
of my PCs run seti@home and one of the 3 also runs einstein@home, which BOINC alternates every
hour. Another PC also researches orbit@home although there's no tasks available at the moment.

If you use more than one PC, be sure you use the same e-mail address and password in order to be
counted as one but receive all credits from your PCs.

On two of my PCs, I have BOINC as the screensaver. On my 3rd PC, which is a Linux, BOINC runs
but right now the screensaver section hasn't picked it up yet. So until I figure that out, stay with
BOINC without Linux. There is a BOINC for Apple/MAC, you'd have to click here and scroll down to
Mac OS X and go from there. For detailed work, I can't help you, but if you want to add your experience here, please do so.

For 5 years, yes, 5 years I've been meaning to research seti/BONIC and feature the application here,
so now you have it.

The presidential race created new "voices" which makes you wonder why these environmental
folks did not actually run for President or even be chosen as a running mate:
T. Boone Pickens
Now this guy makes a lot of sense...common sense about getting us off of foreign oil. I don't
care what party he is affiliated with, I want him as President.

No one individual is featured here nor one is mentioned on this site. This website has the same
ideals as the Pickens Plan above. Their ads didn't run as often as Pickens but it generated just as
much interest.

Go Green
See green, grow green, be green, and read all about being green, nowadays everyone's
talking about helping the environment. This is mostly a eco-news's a few of the headlines
to give you an idea: Did We Really Drive 9.6 Billion Miles Less In May Than Last Year?; MSN Releases
Its List Of Top Hybrid Vehicles; Local Company Donates Energy Services for “Extreme Makeover”
In the recycling section, here's what I found: How Does This 1980s Truck Go 150 Miles On
Just 50 Cents?; Al Gore’s Challenge — Can America Meet It?; Recycling Electronics; Online Group
Swaps Items To Save Landfill Space
and they even have a Tip of the Day section...although some of
the articles are related for the Research Triangle Area, you should be able to find similarities by
googling these subjects for your area.

Italians vs the rest of Europe
John sent this in and we thought to share this because of the kind of humor and art work displayed.

Photo Sharing on the 'Net
Last June, Lee and Mary Beth went west and took extensive photos of their trip. She had this great
idea to post these pictures on the web herself without any problems. There are several photo
sharing websites out there but shutterfly is the one Mary Beth choose. Shutterfly has the true
benefit of photo processing. Select the pictures you want in prints and go to Target and pick them! Go to Mary Beth's page to see her collection. She put in a lot of interesting pictures of
her trip.

WOM was skipped for this month due to extensive webmastering activities. Sorry for the

Birthday Calculator

Randy sent this in and I thought this was interesting. Enter your birthday, submit and then scroll
down for fun statistics and find out what the moon phase was on the day you were born plus other
fun information about you and your birthday.

0-60 in under 10 seconds with the top speed just over 85mph, plug it in for 2 to 4 hours will get you
230 miles to the gallon! Costs as much as a full size SUV. Scheduled for production in the fall of
2008, it's available in any color you want as long as you chose white. Will be available nationwide in a
few years but if you want one now, just hop on over to California and drive one back. Thanks to John
for sending!

National DO NOT CALL Registry
All cell phone numbers were released to telemarketing companies as of the end of May and you will
start to receive sales calls...AND....YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS! To prevent this,
go to the National DO NOT CALL Registry website. It will only take a minute of your time. After
entering your number(s) your registration will not expire.

Or you can call 1-888-382-1222 but you must call from the cell phone number you want to have
blocked. You cannot call from a different phone number.

thanks to John for sending.

Simply Thrifty

With gas prices thinning our wallets quickly, folks are cutting back on things that we used to purchase
without giving it a thought. Drinking coffee at work instead of stopping at the drive-thru will give you an
extra $20 a week for gas. Or you could visit and get really good ideas to save up
even more of that almighty shrinking dollar. Lots of these tips reminds me of some things we did in the
60's when gas prices were in the 25 cent range. For example: gravy in cooking was easily made from
meat drippings with flour or even corn starch; pancake mix was easily made with all-purpose flour,
nonfat dry milk and baking powder; I even remember MamaPat making homemade, potato chips,
donuts, and even a nehru collar shirt. (A good example can be seen here).

News at your fingertips - local news for the world and you can customize the homepage to your
liking. This is the place to get your news the way you want.

Natural Brown (Raw) Sugar vs Brown Sugar vs White Sugar
Last month Randy asked me a question about refined and low sweet sugar. Umm, good question, so
to satisfy his as well as my curiosity, I found a page on this site that answered everything you would
want to know about the different kinds of sugar. Sweet.

Video Clips, Flash Games, Photo Collections, Funny Pictures get the point.
Thanks to Randy for sending.

Flag Jump

Normally websites are chosen, but when Sandra sent this YouTube video, I had to make an exception.
Admittedly, this video is a little long, but when it comes to flag jumping, I'll take it as long as it takes.

NFL - a Deaf Football Player
John sent this article in and I thought it was interesting enough to share as this month's entree.

Deaf Ninja 2
OK, YouTube is the selected website of the month, John sent this...a while back...and this is not the
only video...there's more.

ACC Sports

The Duke Blue Devils and the NC State Wolfpack has become one of sports fiercest rivalries – and
most bitter. The local TV station that I love to hate has web pages on their website celebrating the
rivalries that has been going on for decades. Ten Games That Epitomize Duke-Carolina is the article.
Tom Suiter, the station's famous sportscaster, a die hard ACC basketball fan if there ever was one,
has a blog that supplements the Ten Games mentioned above. What caught my technical eye was
Suiter mentioning the first TV broadcast of the rivalry basketball game was done by what was called
Broadvision. The game was televised on WUNC-TV (PBS) with no sound. So people listened to the
game on radio and watched it on television.

The History of Valentine's Day
Did you know it? I had a small idea of how it got started but never really knew the facts till I finally
figured if I found out it would be appropriate to post it here. When I was in public school, Valentine's
cards were given to every classmate in class, an annual ritual. But during my NCSD high school years
it was unheard of to pass around Valentine's cards unless you had a sweetheart or a secret admirer,
then you would receive a handmade card. During lunch, we would receive pink cupcakes for desert.
And if I'm not mistaken, the Saturday Night at the Movies would feature a love story of sorts. An
interesting contrast between public school and NCSD.

NASA is 50 Years Old
To celebrate, NASA, on Monday, February 4th at 7 p.m., EST, (midnight, Greenwich Mean Time), one
of the great dish antennae near Madrid, Spain, will transmit an mp3 file of the song "Across the
Universe", that's from the Beatles 40 years after they recorded, it in the direction of Polaris, the North
Star,  across the universe. Traveling at the speed of light, the signal will take 431 years to get there.

"Send my love to the aliens," said Sir Paul McCartney in a statement released by NASA. "All the best,

It's part publicity stunt, part nostalgia, part anniversary celebration. NASA claims it's also taking the
moment to celebrate its own fiftieth anniversary, the fiftieth anniversary (01/31/58) of the first American
, and the 45th anniversary of the Deep Space Network, which it uses to communicate with
interplanetary probes.
Article from ABC News

January 2008
39 years ago last month, crew of Apollo 8 went down in history as the first to orbit the Moon. Today,
believe it or not, NASA (which by the way has revamped their website is reverse
engineering old spaceships and rocket engines in order to return to the moon
and go to Mars and beyond. No, NASA did not keep technical manuals and blueprints of the Apollo
era so now they are sending technicians to museums and space vehicle junkyards to relearn how to send men to the moon. The space shuttle vehicles
are nearing their end of service and the current Bush administration has "voiced" their opinion to return
to the moon and to go to Mars (not as famous as JFK's "man to the moon and returning him safely to
the earth" speech).

It will be interesting how NASA combines the technology they created 40 years ago with today's
technology. The project is now called Constellation.

NASA's Year in Review can be seen here:

There is a space buff who collected spacecraft part mementos who also has a very interesting website,
lots of pictures of parts collected and very technical explanations. His Astronomy page shows 2 of his
telescopes, one of which is connected to a home PC.

This website posts press releases of anything related to space history.

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